Jackson College, EANGUS join forces to help student veterans

June 18, 2019

Jackson College and the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States (EANGUS) have joined forces to help student veterans.

Both organizations champion education as a path to future success, following the reasoning that regardless of what people do, education helps them do it better. This collaboration offers enhanced opportunities for the military-connected segment of our population through scholarships, additional benefit offerings, a legislative platform responsive to the needs of service-members and veterans, and a best-practices approach for capabilities advancing student and service-member success. The collaboration will provide elevated exposure for both concerns as we work toward our mutual goals.

Education cultivates an aspiration to excellence. The military in general and specifically the Michigan National Guard value education, providing additional education benefits to guard members and requiring education and personal development for advancement. Jackson College offers innovative approaches to higher education, providing increased flexibility and enhanced support for those serving and those using benefits.

Jackson College is a Military Friendly® School and has received gold-level recognition from the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency for its service to veterans and military-connected students. A Veterans Resource Center works with and guides students and families through the process of using G.I. Bill benefits, connecting them with helpful resources, finding their career fit and completing their college education. Learn more by stopping by Bert Walker Hall, Room 235, on Central Campus, or by contacting Randall Locke, 517.990.1333.