Jackson College eases costs for students needing continued foundational education

June 9, 2021

Jackson College wants to make the path to a college degree or certificate as accessible as possible. To do this, the College will offer students who need to retake foundational education co-requisite courses the opportunity to do so for just $10, rather than the usual tuition per billing contact hour.

Foundational education has a long history at the community college. Several students enter not quite ready for the rigor of college coursework. In the past, these students enrolled in stand-alone individual courses to prepare them for college, which could take a semester to complete and set their timeline back. Sometimes students would drop out and never enroll in college-level courses. About a year and a half ago, Jackson College did away with stand-alone foundational courses and moved to co-requisite courses. In co-requisites, students in a foundational class also enroll in a college-level class in the same semester, to help accelerate student progress. For example, someone taking a foundational math class would also enroll in a college math class, and receive supplemental support to help pass and earning college-level credit for their transcript. Now, should a student fail their college-level course, they may retake it at full tuition, but pay only $10 for the foundational course.

“We want to remove barriers to our students’ success. Time was the first barrier that students faced with the stand-alone courses, putting them a semester behind. We did away with that with the co-requisite courses, and now, we want to help take some of the barrier of cost away,” said Registrar Zakary McNitt. While foundational courses carry three or four credits each, this will represent significant savings for students who need to retake them.

To learn more, students should reach out to their student success navigator. Visit jccmi.edu/academics/academic-advising/.


Photo: A supplemental instruction (SI) leader talks with students.