Paying for College

JCCEP Subscription Rates

Tuition subscription rates are the same for both in district and out of district students.

Enrollment Cost
1-5 Credits $862
6-8 Credits $1,724
9-11 Credits $2,586
12-15 Credits $3,448

Making the choice to pursue a college degree has both short term and long term benefits.  As with anything of value, college comes at a cost.  Jackson College strives to provide students with the best education possible.  Students in the Jackson College Corrections Education Program have two ways for paying for college.

  • Self-Pay:  Students that exceed 96 months or that do not meet the eligibility criteria for Pell may still choose to participate if they are 6 months class 1 misconduct free and have a sponsor to pay tuition and fees for classes enrolled in. The Jackson College Business Office has long worked with sponsors to create affordable payment plans. View payment options.
  • Grant:  Many students in the JCCEP qualify for the Second Chance Pell grant.  This federal grant covers the cost of tuition, leaving little or no balance.
  • Scholarships: Students may also earn, qualify, or be selected for a scholarship to assist with tuition.  The Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver is an example of this.

*Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Board of Trustees. Total costs are determined by the number of billing contact hours and course fees for which you register. The student fee is based on the number of billing contact hours.

Financial Aid

Click the image below for an instructional video for completing the FAFSA form.