Program Requirements

In order to qualify for JCCEP, prospective students must meet the following requirements:

  • GED completion, earned HS diploma, and/or prior college credit
  • MDOC Security Level I or II
  • 6 months clear conduct
  • Financial support to cover tuition and fees each semester
  • Agreement to enroll in assigned courses
  • Most students must be within 30-96 months of their earliest release date (ERD) depending on their programming requirements
  • Students that do not meet the eligibility criteria for Pell may still choose to participate if they are 6 months class 1 misconduct free and have a sponsor to pay tuition and fees for classes enrolled in.

All JCCEP students are expected to be on their best behavior at all times. Students can be removed, solely at the discretion of the MDOC, from the program, class(es) they are enrolled in, and the correctional facility where they are housed if they receive a misconduct ticket. Tuition and fees are not refundable.

To get started, please view the steps to enroll.