Jefferson Starship brings new energy to rock classics

February 22, 2018

Find your way back to the rock ‘n’ roll you grew up with! Jefferson Starship performs at the Potter Center at 7 p.m. Saturday, March 10.

Jefferson Starship formed in the wake of legendary 1970s band and Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Jefferson Airplane. Jefferson Starship brings new energy to their classic songs like, “We Built This City” and “Miracles,” while staying true to the integrity of the music. Founder Paul Kantner (who died in 2016 at age 74) knew that combining powerful creative forces, personalities and talents could create something great. Between 1974 and 1984, Jefferson Starship released eight gold and platinum albums, 20 hit singles, sold out concerts worldwide and lived out legendary rock escapades.

Today’s Jefferson Starship remains dedicated to breathing new life into the musical legacy. The music that defined a generation is alive and well and more relevant than ever in pop culture songs such as “Volunteers,” “White Rabbit,” “Wooden Ships,” “Somebody to Love,” “Today,”  “Count on Me,” “Fast Buck Freddie,” “Jane” and “Find Your Way Back” and continue to reverberate throughout the collective consciousness today. They go to the edge, pushing the sonic boundaries while staying true to the original music.

Tickets for Jefferson Starship are $35, $32 and $28 and may be purchased by calling the Potter Center Box Office at 517.796.8600, or online at