Accelerated Bachelor in Business Administration Degree


Many of us have experienced firsthand the demands placed upon working adults of balancing family, work and life. To add to this equation, many individuals have aspirations of pursuing an education for professional advancement or personal enrichment but are simply unable to find the time. With this delicate balance in mind, Jackson College @ LISD TECH (JC) and Siena Heights University (SHU) have partnered to provide an opportunity for individuals to pursue their education in a format that will provide the flexibility needed in so many of our lives.

JC and SHU are pleased to share with you a wonderful opportunity to complete a Bachelor in Business Administration degree within three years!

The program offers the same courses as a traditional Bachelor in Business Administration degree, but in a shorter, more compressed time frame. The in-class component meets Tuesday evenings and approximately four Saturdays a session at the JC @ LISD TECH campus, while the online portion provides students optimum flexibility. Additionally, faculty will work with students to create common learning experiences across courses. Students will earn 87 credits from JC and 33 credits from SHU; and, the program is a financially attractive opportunity! Financial aid is also available.

Accelerated Business Program Brochure


If you would like to enroll in this program, please apply for admission by filling out the Jackson College Admissions Form and select “Accelerated Business Administration” as your program of study.

The Accelerated Business Program uses a cohort learning model, which allows students to move through the program at the same pace to encourage a collaborative learning environment. To this end, a student is allowed to bring in prior college coursework. Better educated employees have been proven to be more productive, healthier, have lower absenteeism and can help contribute to your bottom line!

We are currently accepting applications. Apply now and choose “Accelerated Business Program” as your program of study. For more information, please call 517-265-5515 and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

For a sample of the course curriculum for the Accelerated Business Program, click here.


“Without this program, I would have never considered earning my bachelor’s degree. The support from the cohort, the assistance, guidance and caring from the administrators, staff, professors and instructors has made this notion a reality for me. The knowledge I have obtained in this program will benefit me the rest of my life.”

– Marilyn Gurr

“The support network provided by offering this program as a cohort experience is what made the difference for me… it was invaluable.”

– Rosemarie Hoffman