Lux et Veritas Symposium explores ‘Race in America’

April 19, 2021

Jackson College’s Lux et Veritas Symposium series continues with a virtual discussion of “Race in America: Current Obstacles — Future Opportunities” at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 20.

Racial issues and unrest are in the spotlight today. Hear from a panel of educators and students about current issues regarding race relationships, systemic racism, strategies for change and hope for the future with this online event. Panelists include:

  • Lydia S. Said, Jackson College student
  • Christopher Boulter, deputy director of Blackman Township Safety and adjunct instructor at JC
  • Professor Steven Tuckey, Dr. George and Barbara Raven Endowed Chair for Mathematics at JC
  • Undersheriff Christopher Simpson, Jackson County
  • Professor Anthony Cleveland, psychology faculty at JC

Dr. Clevester Moten, instructor and public administration program director, will serve as moderator. This virtual symposium is available via Zoom. There will be time for questions and answers.

About Lux et Veritas 

Following high-profile events in the news, in politics and across the country on college campuses, Jackson College President Daniel J. Phelan called together a task force in 2017, Lux et Veritas, or light and truth.

Lux et Veritas members are called to promote an inclusive, civil, diverse and secure campus for all. Helping people understand that it is all right to have opinions and to engage in a healthy debate, but also understand how to respect another’s opinions and, at times, agree to disagree, are important topics.