Mathematics Placement

Why Placement?

To help us assess what mathematics course you should start in at JC you will take a placement test. The College currently uses ACCUPLACER to determine your proper placement.

What mathematics is covered on the exam?

Visit ACCUPLACER to see what that test covers. If you scroll you will find the topics covered in the arithmetic, elementary algebra and college algebra test with sample questions for each one.

Want to Practice?

The following sites have practice problems. You will want to look at all the levels. If you have had two years or more of a algebra in high school, then you will want to study the topics in all three levels. However, if you did not have much algebra or feel very weak in algebra, you may want to devote your time to studying only the Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra Topics. DO NOT use a calculator of any kind.

  1. (Select Accuplacer Test Practice, then choose appropriate modules)