Celebrate Pi Day!

Pie with digits of Pi

It’s the only holiday to honor a number: Pi Day, on 3-14, the beginning digits of the infinite, non-repeating decimal expansion of pi = 3.1415926…  This important number is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, but pi is also irrational and transcendental — and humans have known about it for thousands of years.  So, join the Jackson College Mathematics & Engineering Department in our celebration of an incredible number, symbol, and concept!

Picture: From The Self-Referential Cookbook: the first 13 digits of Pi (last displayed digit rounded).

In 2018, sadly, Jackson College will be on Spring Break during the official Pi Day, but we’ve decided to host events later in March to extend the fun!

Tuesday, March 26th • 8 p.m.

Screening of Hidden Figures

The Academy Award-nominated movie about Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson – African American women who worked as “human computers” for NASA in the early days of the space race.  Their mathematical contributions helped launch John Glenn into orbit and played a major role in the eventual Apollo missions to the moon.

Come check out this movie and learn about how mathematics is truly a human endeavor.  Free popcorn, lemonade, and (of course) pie will be served!  Also, each moviegoer will receive a raffle ticket to win prizes!

Wednesday, March 27th • 5 p.m.

Victor Cuiss Fieldhouse, Central Campus