Sisters of Strength

  • About Sisters of Strength

    Mission Statement

    Jackson College’s Sisters of Strength is a service and leadership initiative whose mission is to inspire members to stay in college, advance academically, serve their community and become the women they dream to be.

    Vision Statement

    Jackson College’s Sisters of Strength is a first-class student leadership organization whose focus is establishing a community of support and sisterhood which promotes service learning, academic achievement, networking, accountability and personal and professional development of females of color.


    JC Sisters of Strength is open to all JC female students. Members are expected to be committed to their academic success, professional development and available to attend Sisters of Strength meetings and functions.


    • To develop strong African American female student leadership
    • To increase their engagement in the college experience
    • To increase retention rates
    • To increase academic productivity
    • To promote service learning
    • To strengthen public speaking ability

    Yearly Events Include

    • Mentoring elementary, middle, and high school students
    • Networking: Meeting your business owners and elected and community leaders
    • Speaking engagements at community events
    • Community service projects
    • Study sessions (one-on-one/group)
  • Sisters of Strength Speakers
    • Sheila Patterson, JC Trustee Consumers Energy
    • Jessica Houston, JC Student Ombudsman
    • Pandora Thomas, Consumers Energy
    • Kathleen Williams, Aware Shelter
    • Katena Cain, Nonprofit Organizational Management
    • Arlene Robinson, NAACP & City Council Member
    • Shirley Whiteside, Business Owner & Former Beautician
    • Chantez Knowles , Consumer Energy
    • Lisa Williams, Allegiance
    • Janice Sweet Fairley, Manager Training Quality NCO Group
    • Daphne C Watkins, Professor at U of M
    • Tina Matz, Workforce Training & MNJTP Coordinator
    • John Willis, King Center Director
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Sisters of strength at table