Nursing Capstone 2021

NRS 240 Nursing Capstone is the last class of the Associate in Applied Science Nursing Degree program at Jackson College. This course is taught by nursing faculty Marina Martinez-Kratz. Part of the course requirements is the development of an Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Project. The goal of the Evidence-Based Nursing Practice project is to guide the student in applying evidence-based knowledge to the improvement of nursing practice, the promotion of individual and/or aggregate health, and/or the enhancement of leadership skills toward the solution of health care problems. Nursing Capstone students research a health care question, identify supporting evidence, and demonstrate application to nursing practice with a research paper and a formal poster presentation.

The formal poster presentation has been moved to an online format due to social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions. We hope you enjoy the hard work of our nursing graduates!

Ritchelle Avriett

Chelsea Bell

Brittnee Boss

Susan Carlin

Mary Coppernoll

Shastin Duncan

Rebecca Faling

Justin Freeman

Mackenna Hall

Jocelyn Hansen

Ryan Howe

Allison Kope

Alyssa Koslowsky

Jordan Mayes

Paige Mossolle

Lyza Myers

Dashari Pierce

Megan Quarters

Shelby Robison

Alexis Sadowsky

Caitlynne Scott

Teri Seal

Nicole Siebeneicher

Amber Sixkiller

Madison Stratton

Jessica Thatai

Mandy Toner

Trisha Vollmar

Katrina Wagers

Tiffany Wells

Abbey Wilson