How to Become a Member of Our Chapter:

PTKTwice a year, letters of invitation to join our chapter are e-mailed and mailed out. You can only join if you’ve received a letter. If you have not received an invitation but meet the criteria (see below), contact us.

Criteria for Joining:

In addition to meeting membership eligibility requirements as states in Article IV and Chapter 1 of the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws, each candidate for membership must have completed 12 (twelve) credit hours of course work with a minimum cumulative grade point average of a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, adhere to the school conduct code and possess recognized qualities of citizenship. Grades for courses completed at other institutions will not be considered when determining membership eligibility. A cumulative grade point average of 3.25 must be maintained to remain in good standing with the Chapter*. An academic probation period of one semester will be granted if a student’s cumulative grade point average falls below a 3.25.

*Failure to maintain the required cumulative grade point average will result in the member’s good standing to be withdrawn. As stated in Chapter I, Section 3 of the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and Bylaws, failure to meet good standing requirements will result in the revocation of membership and all membership privileges.

Complete Your Application Online:

Within your invitation (either by mail or email), you received an invitation code.  If you have lost your code or did not receive a code please contact us here.  To complete your application and accept membership, go to the Phi Theta Kappa website. One you arrive at the website, click on the blue box on the right side of the screen labeled “Accept Membership” and complete your application online. Your one-time payment of $95 will also be made online. This is a lifetime membership fee.