Sensational Acrobats of The Grand Shanghai Circus

Saturday, May 6, 2023
7 p.m.

With acts that often trace their origins to the harvest festivals of more than 2,000 years ago, The Shanghai Circus presents a range of demanding performances, most of them typifying Chinese Circus and consisting of a refreshing alternative to the usual Western traditions. From the dangers of the chair stack high in the air to the balancing cylinders in the Rolla Bolla act excitement builds with the many acrobatic feats of strength demonstrated with the graceful art of hand balancing, the historic talents of Chinese yo-yo to the beauty of the lovely spinning plates.  Amazement continues with the thrill of the skaters, the tumbling of the daring Hoop Divers, the classic young ladies lost in a maze of spinning hoops.  Incredible acts build throughout the performance, one after another bringing audiences to edge of their seat. All these and more surprises complete a marvelous and totally exciting evening for youngsters from nine to Ninety-two.


Section A: $35 | Section B: $30 |Section C: $20 | 12 & Under: $10

*Must be purchased with minimum of one adult/full price ticket. 10% off Buyers Choice discount does not apply to $10 tickets.

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