Get started in agriculture with Jackson College

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Agriculture offers a harvest of career opportunities; get your start with Jackson College’s agricultural technology program!

Farming requires knowledge of the latest techniques for raising crops and farm animals, and how to operate a successful business. Farmers are entrepreneurs who serve as sales agents for their production and record financial, tax, production and employee information.

Increasingly, farmers contract with large business operations called agribusinesses. These businesses purchase the farmers’ crops or animals and produce the food that goes on grocery store shelves, the processing, storage and distribution of farm commodities. Agribusiness opportunities may exist for equipment sales, purchasing agents, education, public relations, tourism and more.

About the Program

Jackson College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree with a minimum of 62 credits. The program is designed for students who seek employment in agriculture and agribusiness industries upon graduation.

Students interested in transferring to a university for a four-year or advanced degree in agriculture, natural resources or natural sciences should complete an Associate of Science degree following an agricultural transfer plan.

Salaries vary depending on the specific job.

  • Agriculture technicians start at $29,370 annually, with median wages of $39,340
  • Farmers and agricultural managers start at about $33,110 annually, and the median wage is $64,170
  • Agricultural workers earn a median wage of $20,090 annually

Graduates with a degree in agriculture will have the best career opportunities. A solid background in business and management will be a plus.

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