Health studies degree helps workers take their career to the next level

Allied Health General Studies

As more health care organizations seek workers who possess at least a college associate degree, Jackson College offers a unique associate degree designed for workers looking to take the next step. 

About the Program  

For those who hold a certification or licensure in an allied health profession, the Associate in Applied Science degree in Allied Health can help them further their opportunities. 

“There is a need in the health care community as many employers are requiring their employees to have at least an associate degree,” said Dr. Kristin Stockbridge, program director. “This degree is like a one-size-fits-all, as individuals can bring in a credential and build their core program from there.” 

A current health care professional with an existing credential may receive up to 33 credits toward their degree requirements. Each credential will be evaluated, so credits are awarded on a case-by-case basis. If a student doesn’t have an existing credential, they can take a group of courses or certificate program that leads into the associate degree program.  

Areas of Focus

Consider this degree as a stepping-stone for further study or promotion in one’s current career. Students may focus in one of four areas: 

  • Health management – Students looking for more management expertise or continuing with a bachelor’s degree in health management or human relations. 
  • Science – For students interested in further education in the sciences. 
  • Psychology/Human behavior – For students interested in further study in psychology and social sciences. 
  • Entrepreneurship – For students interested in gaining skills and knowledge to open their own health-related business, such as an assisted living facility. 

Possible careers are many, but some potential job titles include:  

  • Medical and health services managers – 18 percent growth in field, wages start in range of $55,000 annually.  
  • Health educators – 13 percent growth, starting wages in range of $32,000 annually  
  • Psychiatric technicians – 6 percent growth, starting wages in range of $24,000 annually  

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