Prepare for transfer with strong liberal arts background

An associate degree represents the completion of approximately two years of full-time study, 60 credit hours.

An Associate of Arts degree provides students a general liberal arts education that prepares them for a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year college or university. It provides students with a foundational education in liberal arts. While the Associate of Arts degree helps students gain useful career skills, they are typically designed as a stepping stone into a bachelor’s degree program.

“The Associate in Arts degree is designed heavily for transfer and allows students to select electives that will be specific to their selected transfer institution,” said Registrar Zak McNitt.

About the Program

Studies may include coursework in humanities, social sciences, history, and mathematics, among other subjects. Students should select an associate degree based on their plan of study or career goal. While designed for transfer, studying the liberal arts does prepare students for the world of work, with the acquisition of knowledge in a variety of fields while developing important skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, research and self-expression.

Completing an associate degree or certificate shows commitment and persistence to complete a goal, in addition to the acquisition of career skills. Community colleges are a great option with flexible schedules and class lengths, knowledgeable faculty and support staff and affordable tuition.

Possible careers for Associate of Arts graduates (most require further study):

  • Teacher, $40,500 starting, $61,000 average annual salary
  • Paralegal, $32,00 starting, $51,000 average annual salary
  • Human resources manager, $68,000 starting, $116,000 average annual salary
  • Operations manager, $45,000 starting, $100,000 average annual salary
  • Account executive, $71,000 starting, $136,000 average annual salary
  • Customer service representative, $11.05/hour starting, $16.69/hour average