Forge your own educational path with Associate of General Studies

Looking for a unique learning experience to fit your interests? Consider earning an Associate of General Studies degree.

This degree allows students to plan their own programs not defined by a specific job or career. The degree’s flexibility allows the student to combine their Jackson College experience with other academic institutions or community organizations, to prepare for or create a specialized career option. It can prepare students for transfer to a university but is not necessarily designed to meet Michigan Transfer Agreement requirements. 

“The general studies degree is a basic transfer degree,” said Registrar Zak McNitt. Work with a navigator to transfer to a university to ensure a smooth transition.

About the Program 

An associate degree represents the completion of approximately two years of full-time study, 60 credit hours. Completing an associate degree or certificate increases the student’s earning potential. It also shows commitment and persistence toward a goal, in addition to gaining valuable career skills. Community colleges offer flexible schedules and class lengths, knowledgeable teaching faculty and affordable tuition.

Depending on the choice of classes, job opportunities for a general studies degree are diverse. Gaining experience in a particular field will help in finding a job, and continuing your education will also increase career opportunities.