High flying careers avaialble in aviation!

The skies are brighter for those considering a career in aviation!
Jackson College has operated the Flight Center at the Jackson County Airport – Reynolds Field for years, offering an associate degree and pilot certification for those looking to learn to fly. Since 2012, Jackson College has partnered with Solo Aviation to offer flight training.
“Jackson College offers a very good structured environment for students wanting to learn to fly,” said Chad Zeller (pictured above), program director with Solo Aviation and the Jackson College aviation program. “We follow a proven syllabus, and we hire only the best instructors.”
Careers in the field are diverse, from local commercial pilots, to flight instructors, to corporate and regional pilots to the major airline pilots. Employment of airline and commercial pilots is projected to grow about 5 percent in the coming years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Pilots seeking employment at major airlines will face strong competition. Even as recently as four or five years ago, employment of pilots was flat. Now, a large percentage of pilots are reaching retirement age, while others left the field for other opportunities during the down times. Demand for pilots is picking up, and younger pilots are finding jobs, Zeller said.
The college offers private, instrument, commercial, flight instructor and multi-engine flight training. A minimum of 250 hours flight time is required for a commercial certificate, which qualifies pilots for entry-level jobs. To become a regional airline pilot, one must accumulate 1,500 flight hours. For those looking to fly for a major airline, they will require about 3,000 hours accumulated flight time. Pilots need to be in good health and have a clean background, no felony records and few if any, misdemeanors. They should be strong students, passionate and committed.
“For me, the coolest thing about
flying, it becomes your office – and who could ask for a better office,” Zeller said. “Being able to go somewhere much further than you think you can in a day. Getting to experience different airport environments; every place is something new.”
To learn more, call 517.787.7012 or stop by the Jackson College Flight Center to meet with Zeller and tour the facility. A half-hour discovery flight is available for $90.