Jackson College’s computer support program has another upgrade!

Computer support specialists provide technical assistance, support and advice to individuals and organizations. They work within organizations that use computer systems, for computer hardware or software vendors, or for third-party organizations that provide support services on a contract basis, such as help-desk service firms.

The faculty has upgraded the curriculum for 2016-17. To give students more versatility, a computer programming course has been changed to a programming logic course instead – rather than learning one particular programming language, students will learn the logic behind how a program comes together. There is a larger focus on networking, with a variety of certifications available. The curriculum now also includes an internship so students can gain real-world experience.

“We’ve really repackaged some of our courses to help our students be even more successful,” said Professor Chris Olds. “The program goes deep into computer repair and networking. Students will have the opportunity to earn many credentials – Microsoft Office Master, A+ computer repair, Network+ for networking. All of these can give you a competitive edge in the job market.”

In demand

Computer support specialists comprise one of Michigan’s Hot 50 high-demand, high-wage careers. With wages averaging $24.75 per hour for associate degree graduates, job growth is projected at 12 percent. “There is a huge demand for information technology graduates in our state,” Olds said. “This is a degree that can give students experience in computer support to prepare for a variety of job opportunities.”

Students thinking about going into computer support will need a passion for learning. The ability to think logically will help with the troubleshooting and problem-solving nature of the job. With the fast-changing nature of technology, a passion for continued learning and self-direction will be key to long-term success.

Why Jackson College

Jackson College offers students small classes sizes and computer classes for every level. Courses are taught by instructors certified in what they teach, computer classrooms are up-to-date, and courses run year ‘round. Professors recommend students take their computer requirements close together and fill in with general education courses where they can, so they are prepared for certification exams. An articulation agreement with Siena Heights University allows students to complete up to 90 credits from Jackson College and 30 credits from SHU to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science. A bachelor’s degree can enhance career and leadership opportunities.

To learn more about the computer support specialist program, speak with a student success navigator at any Jackson College location.