Jackson College is making it easier for students in manufacturing and skilled trades to get the classes they need!

Jobs in advanced manufacturing and other trades, such as electronic technology, are in demand today across the U.S. To better suit the needs and schedules of students going into these fields, Jackson College now offers a flexible completion time, sometimes called open entry/open exit, when students in several classes can work in the lab to complete their courses. With online learning from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, students may complete lessons on safety before ever coming to class. Then, they may work at their own pace to complete their classes. Faculty will be available to answer questions at all times.

“This will offer a lot of flexibility. We are meeting students where they are,” said Jolene Chapman, dean, career and technical education. Students with different schedules, for example, someone who works a swing shift, may want to get as much work done while on days and less when they go to nights. Flexible completion time makes that easier. For students who need more structure, a pre-semester meeting will clearly lay out expectations.

Advanced Manufacturing 


Electronic Technology