Professionals in health care coding & billing needed

Medical Insurance Coder/Biller

With the growing complexity of health care, employers are looking for individuals with a good background of knowledge in medical coding and billing. Get started in this in-demand healthcare field with Jackson College’s medical insurance coder/biller program.

About the Career

For every instance that a patient receives care, a health care professional maintains a record of the observations, medical or surgical interventions, and treatment outcomes, with proper medical insurance codes. Medical billers and coders do not provide direct care, but they do communicate between medical offices, patients and insurance companies. By assigning letters and numbers to diseases, injuries and medical procedures, they speed up the process of payment and ensure that records are correct. Coder-billers need to understand medical terminology, diagnosis and pharmacology. They may work in large facilities like a hospital, in smaller facilities like a nursing home or laboratory clinic, or in doctor’s offices.

Certificate Program 

Jackson College offers a certificate in medical insurance coder-biller, the necessary credential to begin work in this field. Students will gain a broad knowledge of medical billing and coding, as well as medical record keeping. This is a competency-based program that allows for a variety of completion options which may include credit for work experience or waiver by exam. Therefore, it can be tailored to meet the needs of both the novice and experienced coder or biller to prepare for numerous industry credentials. Students interested in furthering their education may choose to complete an Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health.

For student Maria LoPresto, who returned to College as an adult to improve her future, the pace of the program fits her busy life. “I love being able to work on my own and at my own speed because I’m a mom and grandma full time and I work a full-time job!” LoPresto said. “I definitely recommend this program to other people. It’s never too late to follow your dreams! I’m so excited for my future now and I can’t thank instructor Mary (Douglas) enough for everything that she has done for me! She didn’t know me before this program but yet she strives to see me succeed!”

Job Outlook

Job prospects for medical insurance coder-billers are expected to be good – with a growth of 13 percent — for medical insurance coder billers over the next several years, because of the rapid growth in the number of medical tests, treatments and procedures. Pay ranges from about $27,900 for newcomers entering the field, to $65,000 annually.

Learn More

To learn more, contact Dr. Kristin Spencer, or to get started, Admissions.