Learn to create software for computers, devices & more

Do you enjoy working with technology? Are you looking for a career that offers something new each day?

Create the software that runs our computers, mobile phones and more with Jackson College’s new associate degree in software engineering. Software engineers explore the needs of users to design, develop, test, deploy and manage software applications. These applications connect a user to a computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile device.

This software engineering program will feature coursework in databases, cloud computing, systems design, and multiple programming languages. Students will learn to create scalable programs, web applications and cloud-based software. Input from the computer information systems advisory committee helped shape this new offering. It will replace and build on the previous computer programming degree. Job opportunities may include applications developer, computer consultant, information technology analyst, programmer, software developer, or software engineer.

“All computer-related fields are in demand today; networking and security, programming and software engineering, all are up,” said Associate Professor Dianne Hill. This degree is for students who want to pursue their career goals or transfer to a university to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Versatility for today’s careers

Mike Davis is a web developer for Consumers Energy. He works with clients to determine what they need, develops mock-ups of applications, and shares those with the client to get suggestions. He then redevelops the applications based on that feedback until they are happy with the product. “It’s always different, and you always learn something new,” Davis said. It helps to have a good mind for analysis and technical skills, in addition to good interpersonal skills of working well with others.

Holly DeBaeke is a senior enterprise applications engineer for General Electric. “Jobs are available for someone with an associate degree. You should also plan to get a bachelor’s degree; some companies look for certain qualifications. But I know a lot of people with an associate in high-ranking leadership positions in IT,” she said.

To learn more, visit www.jccmi.edu.