Gain an introduction to public administration with pilot course

At Jackson College, students can get a great start from professors who strive to make accounting compelling and achievable. Does a career in public administration, government, and nonprofit leadership sound interesting? Jackson College is planning a future public administration degree program and will pilot the first course, Introduction to Public Administration, this fall.

Public administration careers involve management and leadership as they apply to the public sector (i.e., the government and non-profit organizations). It brings together the study of business, government, law, economics and community service. Individuals interested in public administration will benefit from good organizational and communication skills.

Learn more with this three-credit course, offering an overview of the field of public administration by focusing on both theory and practical knowledge. This course introduces students to basic principles, context, environment, organizational structure, and contemporary issues in public administration.

“You will understand how the public and private sector work together, how decisions are made and understand budgets and public finance from a leadership perspective,” said Clevester Moten, Ph.D., a business instructor who is crafting the new public administration curriculum. Moten brings an in-depth background in human services and public administration. “Working with the public, you will also understand social equity and inclusion and how to utilize those concepts as a community stakeholder and leader.”

Introduction to Public Administration will be a seven-week class beginning Aug. 31. Visit the course schedule to learn more.

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