Jackson College Foundation Scholarship Profiles

Students appreciate the valuable support that Jackson College Foundation scholarships provide! Foundation scholarships play a vital role in helping students meet the cost of college, offering them hope for a future.

The Jackson College Foundation partners with donors to remove the financial barriers that may prevent students from pursuing higher education. Jason Valente, foundation president, states that while Jackson College tuition may be modest by some standards, many students simply could not afford to attend without scholarship support. Scholarship funds help to take away some of the financial worries and burdens that students may face and offer them peace of mind to focus on their studies.

Since its creation in 1982, the Foundation has awarded millions of dollars in scholarships to thousands of students, most of whom still reside in our service area and make our community what it is today. Last year, scholarships helped 336 students further their educational dreams with $333,490 in assistance.

Numerous area residents, businesses and organizations provide funds for scholarships. These endowed scholarships are available to students based on criteria set by individual donors, with awards for various majors and student groups, such as first-generation college students.

Learn more about three Jackson College students currently benefitting from Foundation scholarships.

Yashar Tukhfatullin

Grace Biddinger

Megan Rinesmith