College great start for career with computers

“The program was great, just amazingly fantastic.”

From a love of computers to a career for computer giant IBM, Jackson College helped Joshua Ruggles find the right program for his future!

Ruggles graduated from East Jackson High and then served seven years in the Navy. Because he always enjoyed computers and worked with them in the Navy, a career in the computer field made sense. After release, he used his veteran’s benefits to enroll in computer networking with Jackson College.

“The program was great,” he recalls, from the start exploring binary code to being able to build a computer using a fish tank filled with mineral oil which is still used today. With Assistant Professor Larry Choate, Ruggles found someone whose passion and drive for the computer industry is nearly unmatched. “I don’t know many that have the passion toward computers that Larry does. That’s beneficial in his classes.”

After completing his bachelor’s degree from Siena Heights University, then Ruggles sent out resumes far and wide, with several interview opportunities. He worked for a Jackson company for a few months, then got the call that no “computer nerd” can ignore – IBM. Today Ruggles works with the IBM Client Innovation Center to develop solutions that work for contracted clients. “I have the opportunity to work on many different projects — automation, server support, app creation — it varies a lot. And it keeps you on your toes. It’s a fast-changing industry.”

As a result of his start at Jackson College, Ruggles is ready for each new challenge.