Administrative Assistant

Be the go-to person that helps keep an office running smoothly! Secretaries and administrative assistants perform a variety of clerical duties necessary to run an organization efficiently. They may: manage information and communications, disseminating information using telephone, mail services, Web sites and e-mail; plan and schedule meetings and appointments; organize and maintain paper and electronic files.

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Jackson College Offers the following degree options:

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Some secretaries and administrative assistants can find jobs with just a high school diploma. Higher education is valuable to today’s administrative assistants working closely with business leaders and executives. Jackson College’s administrative assistant program provides a solid foundation for support positions in an office setting. The College offers an associate degree in administrative assistant, including important business knowledge and technology skills.

Students may also complete an internship in the field.

Job Opportunities


Wages range from about $26,000 annually to $60,000 a year, depending on the position and field. Median Michigan wage is $33,400 per year.

Career Outlook

One of the largest occupations in the U.S., employment is expected to grow 12 percent over the coming few years.