Allied Health

This degree is designed for those who have already earned some form of health care certification or licensure, such as a certified nurse assistant, and are looking to obtain an associate degree in order to further their education or employment opportunities.

students in scrubs at computer

Jackson College Offers the following program options:

Get Started

Individuals may bring their current credential and build their core program. Certification or licensure, which must be submitted to determine eligibility, may meet up to 30 credits toward the allied health core requirements. Depending on one’s focus, much of the degree may be completed online, convenient for those who are currently working.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities will vary depending on each person’s prior experience. With this associate degree, students may focus on one of four areas: Health management – Students looking for more management expertise or continuing on to complete a bachelor’s degree in health management or human relations. Science – For students interested in further education in the sciences. Psychology/Human behavior – For students interested in further study in psychology and social sciences. Entrepreneurship – For students interested in gaining skills and knowledge to open their own health-related business, such as an assisted living facility.


Salaries will vary depending on one’s field.

Career Outlook

Outlook varies depending on field. Careers in health care overall, however, are expected to grow due to the increasing number of Baby Boomers who are getting older and typically need more care, and due to health care reform that has increased access to medical care for more people.