Electronic Health Records Specialist

Electronic Health Records Specialists organize and manage patient health data in digital and hard-copy formats, ensuring the quality, accuracy, accessibility and security of this critical documentation. Electronic medical records specialists must be able to confidently and confidentially discuss patient information with doctors, insurance personnel, healthcare administrators and other professionals, keeping a sharp eye on details and potential discrepancies in the records.

Electronic Health Records Specialist

Jackson College Offers the following program options:

Get Started

Jackson College offers a nine-credit skill set for electronic health records specialist. Students will be eligible to sit for the Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist exam upon completion of the EHR course.

Job Opportunities

Ideal for those currently working in health field or looking to enter another health-related program.


Pay varies depending on position. Health information technicians have median annual wages of $34,160, with a range of $22,250-$56,200.

Career Outlook

Employment should grow 22 percent over the next several years.