Health Administration/Insurance Specialist

Jackson College offers a health administration/insurance specialist degree program that will prepare students for both medical insurance coding and billing, and important business and administrative topics that were formerly included in the health management program.

Students learn medical insurance coding and billing, with additional related requirements in both health-related topics and courses in accounting, business and computer information systems, necessary for office management and administration. This will build on and continue the medical coder/biller certificate. It may be a good fit for those interested in the medical field but not necessarily having clinical contact with patients. Students may choose this as a bridge to further their education in health management.

Health Administration Insurance Specialist

Jackson College Offers the following program options:

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Every visit and procedure a patient visiting a medical office requires will be logged and coded as part of the health care billing and insurance system. A certificate in medical coding/billing, combined with courses in medical terminology, accounting, business and computers, will prepare students for a variety of positions in today’s medical offices. Students have the opportunities to complete a practicum experience in the health care field.


Median wages for health information technicians was $34,160. Median wages for medical secretaries and receptionists are about $31,000. Medical and health services managers may start at about $53,000 and up.

Career Outlook

Careers in medical records are expected to increase about 22 percent over the coming years, while demand for medical and health services managers is also expected to increase about 22 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs may be available from medical practices, hospitals and clinics, or directly with insurance companies and third-party medical billing companies.