Military Science

Members of the U.S. military service train for and perform a variety of tasks in order to maintain the U.S. national defense.

Students may participate in Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) during their tenure at JC. Students may complete their first two years of the four-year program while students at JC. Students transferring to a four-year institution and completing the ROTC program requirements will receive an officer commission upon graduation. Students must take all of the following courses unless granted advanced placement while at JC: MSL 101 Foundations of Officership (2 credits) MSL 102 Basic Leadership (2 credits) MSL 201 Individual Leadership Studies (2 credits) MSL 202 Leadership and Teamwork (2 credits).

Military Science

Jackson College Offers the following degree options:

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To become an officer, candidates typically need to have at least a bachelor’s degree, be a U.S. citizen, pass a background check, and meet physical and age requirements.

Students wishing further information about the ROTC programs should contact: Department of Military Science, Eastern Michigan University, 18 Roosevelt Hall, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. 734.487.1020.

Job Opportunities

Officers typically plan, organize and lead troops and activities in military operations. They manage enlisted personnel, operate and command aircraft, ships or armored vehicles. They may also provide military personnel with professional services in medical, legal, engineering and other fields.


Military pay is based on rank and time of service. Speak with an ROTC representative for more information.

Career Outlook

Opportunities should be good for qualified individuals in all branches of the Armed Forces through 2022. All services have needs to fill entry-level and professional positions as members of the Armed Forces move up through the ranks, leave the service, or retire.