Medical Sciences

The medical sciences major is designed for pre-professional students who are interested in graduate training in human medicine (pre-medicine, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy).

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Transfer is required for professional medical positions. Physician assistants typically have a bachelor’s degree and about three years of healthcare experience. Pharmacists, medical doctors and dentists must complete doctoral programs in their fields, internships and pass licensure exams. Entry is competitive; pay close attention to grades.

Job Opportunities

Students have a variety of areas of specialization within the field of medicine available to them at the postgraduate level. They may pursue medical, osteopathic or dental school, graduate level pharmacy programs and physician assistant or pathology assistant programs.


Physician assistants, $90,930 per year; medical doctors, $187,200 per year; dentists, $149,310 per year

Career Outlook

Physician assistants, 38 percent growth through 2022; doctors, 18 percent growth through 2022; dentists, 16 percent growth through 2022