Geology & Geography

Geology involves study of our planet Earth, its resources and environment. Explore the materials that comprise the Earth, the structure of those materials and the forces and processes acting on them. Students will use the scientific method in studying the planet. It can lead to career opportunities in natural resources, environmental impact, government consulting and more.

Geography involves the study of spaces around the globe — people and societies, environment and cultures. Learn about the basic systems that affect our everyday life. Physical geography examines the natural elements of the world, including the atmosphere, land and oceans. The study of geography can be a good choice for those urban planning, surveying, tourism, weather forecasting and more.


GEL 109 Earth Science (4 CR)

This course serves as a foundation for the Earth Sciences and Earth Science majors. Emphasis is placed on laboratory experience and class discussions to reinforce scientific principles. Earth Science case studies are covered in detail. In laboratory, the students will learn how to apply basic scientific principles through active learning and application. This course has a laboratory component.

Prerequisites: ENG 085*, ENG 090* and MAT 031* or higher

GEL 160 Introduction to Geology (4 CR)

The course covers minerals, rocks, earthquakes and volcanoes. It also covers the landscapes and behaviors of continents and oceans. Diagrams, photographs, topographic maps, Internet resources and handson exercises are utilized to support the concepts. Course includes a laboratory component.

Prerequisites: ENG 085* and ENG 090*

GEO 131 Physical Geography (3 CR)

The course begins with maps and grid systems. Map exercises are used all semester to enhance the textbook. Other topics include meteorology, vegetation, earth materials and a range of tectonic and landscape subjects.

Prerequisites: ENG 085* and ENG 090*

GEO 132 World Regions (3 CR)

This course covers all regions of the world from a human perspective. Topics include resources, population, settlements, agriculture, manufacturing and transportation. There is special emphasis on Internet research in the classroom.

Prerequisites: ENG 085* and ENG 090*