About Supplemental Instruction

What are SI leader duties and responsibilities?

SI leaders are students who have a proven success record in academics (a specific discipline, in particular), communicate well with peers, and enjoy helping others. SI leaders attend all class sessions, take thorough notes, assist students and the SI faculty during class and conduct SI sessions outside of regular class times.

Supplemental Instruction Leader vs. Tutor

ScenariosSI LeaderTeacher’s Assistant
General DescriptionModel StudentContent Specialist
Status in ClassPeerAcademic Elite
Primary GoalLead students toward successTeach subject matter
Mode of InteractionsGroup Participation, collaborative learningMostly passive learning in response to instructor prompts
Instructional DutiesLeads study group, acting as a kernel for participants; Leaves teaching to the instructorRe-lectures, re-teaches, and presents material (sometimes new) in new/different ways
FocusSupports a specific course (and section)Centers on specific subjects (e.g., Biology or Statistics)
Group SizeGroup SessionsUsually one-on-one
ApprovalRequires recommendation from faculty and instructor approvalInstructor approval is not mandatory; often instructors are unaware of tutors
ExperienceDemonstrated course competencySpecific course experience is not mandatory
AttendanceMandatory class attendanceClass attendance not required
Learning StyleCollaborative learningPassive learning
LocationHelp in individual classroom and scheduled session spaceHeld in CSS and other official tutoring spaces
Instructional ModeSI leader prepares in advance and implements session plans that correspond to class contentStudents identify their needs and the specifics of their course content
TrainingExtensive and mandatory training each semester and monthly meetingsIn-house CRLA training encouraged, some PD opportunities