Jackson College symposium to explore concept of truth

February 12, 2018

Be part of the discussion when Jackson College hosts a college and community symposium on the topic of truth, Monday, Feb. 26, 2018 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in Bert Walker Hall, Room 144 & 145.

Following high-profile events in the news, in politics and across the country on college campuses, Jackson College President Daniel J. Phelan called together a new task force in 2017, Lux et Veritas, or light and truth. Lux et Veritas members are called to promote an inclusive, civil, diverse and secure campus for all students, staff, faculty and visitors. Toward this end, the group decided to create a series of four symposia throughout this academic year. Previous symposia focused on the topics of civility and inclusion.

This third symposium in the Lux et Veritas series will be “Truth from Questions: How Does Truth Emerge from Doubt?” A panel comprised of faculty, staff and community will each have five minutes to address the concept of truth from their field of expertise. Why do we believe something is true? They will explore variety of perspectives – law, faith, politics and media and more. Panelists will include Pastor Rik Hilborn, Attorney Everett Perry, Professor of Political Science Shirin Timms, and Professor of Mathematics Steven Tuckey. Afterward, audience members will be invited to question or remark on the topic with the panel members. Professor of Chemistry Mark Ott will serve as moderator.

College and community members are welcome. A fourth symposium will be held in April.