What to bring

  • Valid Photo ID
  • Pencils or Pens
  • Items permitted by your instructor

What NOT to bring

  • Book bags, purses, and other personal items. Leave them in your car.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The Testing Lab is not responsible for any items left in the vicinity of the Testing Lab while testing.
  • Items not on the list of what your instructor allows.
  • CELL PHONES, or a electronic device of any kind.
  • Children, friends, and anyone or anything that would disturb the secure and quiet testing environment
  • Food
  • Any item that enables cheating

Things to remember

  • Only materials specified by instructors are allowed
  • CELL PHONES, pagers, smart watches and other devices are not allowed in the Testing Lab
  • If you leave the Testing Lab for any reason, your test is considered complete
  • You are liable for your possessions you leave in the vicinity of the Testing Lab