Testing Lab Information for Faculty


The purpose of the Testing Lab is to provide a testing environment for:

  • Course Placement Online
  • JC Students
  • Online MCCVLC students
  • Testing arranged by instructors
  • Partner colleges

Instructor Specific Information

  • For all students, including students with disabilities that test in the Center for Student Success, fill out a Testing Lab Proctoring Form.
  • Send a list of who will be taking the test with copies of the test to the Testing Lab at least one school day in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your timeframe.
  • Tell your students the location, times for testing, and to bring a driver’s license, state-issued photo ID, Jackson College ID or passport.
  • If you expect a group of 10 or more to test simultaneously, please contact Lana Lakin at 517.796.8421

Course Exams

  • Exams are distributed from BW 121
  • Students must sign in and show a driver’s license, state-issued photo ID, Jackson College ID or passport. Exams are taken in the Testing Lab, which is monitored by proctors and by security cameras
  • Only items mentioned by the instructor will be permitted in the testing lab. (i.e., notes, books, etc.)


Students should take time to prepare for exams by visiting the Center for Student Success for help with test taking strategies, coping skills for test anxiety, and study strategies to learn the material. Drop by BW 138 or call 517.796.8415.

Special Accommodations

Students who need special accommodations due to physical impairments or learning disabilities must contact the Center for Student Success, 517.796.8415. Students must make arrangements at least one week prior to taking the exam or Course Placement assessment. The Testing Lab is equipped with Assistive Technology for all students.