Jackson College Oasis Center

Jackson College partners with Family Service and Children’s Aid (FSCA) to offer JC students and employees a wide range of behavioral health services. Licensed mental health and substance abuse clinicians, along with the Oasis Navigator, will be available to provide individualized support at the Oasis Center or assist the individual in obtaining services at FSCA main office located in downtown Jackson. The Oasis Navigator will connect students and employees with the appropriate community support to meet the individual’s needs.  The navigator will also provide advocacy for the individual.


Oasis Center records are strictly confidential and cannot be given to anyone except as required by the law. Behavioral health files are managed by FSCA and not part of the Jackson College record system. If you have concerns or questions related to confidentiality, please contact the Oasis Center directly and a staff member can answer your questions.

Employees of the Oasis Center are provided through Family Service and Children’s Aid (FSCA).

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