Credit by Examination

Jackson College recognizes that some students enter college with proficiencies that warrant college credit. Students may request Credit by Examination to demonstrate skills and knowledge in many courses offered by the College. The department exam may be a comprehensive written exam, oral, portfolio review, lab projects, computer programs, timed writings or any combination depending on the subject area.

Credit by Examination is designed to grant credit at Jackson College and may or may not transfer to other colleges or universities. Students interested in Credit by Examination should obtain a form from the appropriate department chair’s office and discuss with the chair the feasibility of completing the examination. If the application for Credit by Examination is approved, it will be assigned to a faculty member who will contact the student and provide more information about the examination.

Students must be aware of the following:

  • You are limited to one attempt at Credit by Examination per course.
  • You may not use Credit by Examination as a method for repeating a course.
  • The credit earned by examination will not be applied to the graduation minimum of 12 credit hours that must be completed at JC.
  • In order to receive credit via Credit by Examination, you must earn a grade of 2.0 or better. Before the credit will be posted to your transcript, payment must be made to the cashier.
  • Your transcript will show credits earned for the course for Credit by Examination, CR/EX, not a grade.
CIS 101 Credit by Examination Process