Transfer Week — Tips for a Successful Transfer!

October 16, 2020

It’s National Transfer Student Week, Oct. 19 – 23! To celebrate, Jackson College wants to provide our students with the necessary information and resources to help make their transfer journey as smooth as possible. Make sure to check back for more transfer tips and events hosted by four-year colleges and universities!

1. Ask Questions and Explore Opportunities

Take time to ask questions and understand your academic and transfer pathway! Connect with your student success navigator and instructors. Participate in academic, career and transfer workshops to better understand opportunities available in your chosen pathway. First-year students, make sure to participate in Virtual Pathway Showcase Day, Tuesday, Oct. 20! Learn more about your pathway and participate in optional transfer sessions! Transfer sessions will be 12–1 p.m. and 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

2. Start Planning Early

Communicate with your student success navigator about your academic and transfer plans early! It’s never too soon to start planning your transfer path! Your student success navigator can help you enroll in appropriate courses based on our academic, career and transfer goals! Schedule an appointment with your student success navigator to discuss your transfer plan.

3. Keep an Open Mind

Keep an open mind! Take the time to connect with the various transfer admissions representatives during their virtual transfer visits. They can walk you through the admissions process, requirements, academic programs, give an overview of student life, and answer any questions you may have. To see a list of virtual transfer visits, visit the Jackson College events calendar or the transfer webpage.

4. Do Your Research

Make sure to do your research! When looking to transfer to a college or university, make sure they have the academic program you wish to obtain a degree. Also, take time to look at their website, talk with a transfer admissions representative, and visit campus. Visit our Transfer College Resources page. Many institutions offer online tours and transfer student testimonies to showcase student life and what to expect during these unique times.

5. Remember Deadlines

Review deadlines! Make sure to keep deadlines in mind for transfer admissions applications, financial aid, and scholarships to the school(s) where you intend to transfer. Many colleges and universities offer a variety of academic and transfer scholarships! Again, make sure to inform your student success navigator of your academic and transfer plans! Remember, the Jackson College team is totally committed to your transfer success.

Learn more about transfer here.