Jackson College puts volleyball on hold for ‘21

August 31, 2021

Because of a shortage of players and the need for a head coach, Jackson College officials have decided to not compete in volleyball this 2021 season.

“We are putting the fall season on hold,” said Courtney Ivan, executive director of athletics and student development. “This is only for volleyball. It’s not directly due to COVID, but some ripple effects of it.”

The College didn’t get many players interested in volleyball this year and is still seeking a head coach. For some of the volleyball players who did plan on playing for JC, the College helped to find them new schools to continue their playing careers if they so choose.

“Our volleyball program has a storied past; it has been successful. We look forward to building it back up, to look for interested coaches to lead the program in the future. We want to have it back next year,” Ivan said.