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Thank you for your interest in the Jackson College Nursing programs. As you contemplate whether a career in nursing is for you, consider that you would be entering the profession during a time of significant change in the health care environment. Health care providers and the systems in which they work are being held publically accountable for the outcomes of care. Since nurses comprise the largest component of the workforce in the health care system, the quality of their work impacts not only the health and well being of people but how well the systems perform. Technological advances have changed the practice world in ways we never imagined. The nurse of today and the future is not only caring and compassionate but must have sound mathematical, scientific and technological skills in order to make responsible and ethical clinical judgments, carry out appropriate interventions and evaluate the effectiveness of care.

The goal of the Nursing Department is to provide a quality education preparing students for a career as a registered or practical nurse. The ADN, LPN to ADN and PN nursing programs have had continual approval by the Michigan Board of Nursing.

Proof of Immunizations Required for the JC Nursing Program

All admitted students must be in compliance with the Center for Disease Control immunization recommendations for Health Care Personnel as well as the polices of the clinical agency that they will be assigned. The requirements are evidence of immunity to: Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR); Chicken Pox (Varicella Zoster); Hepatitis B; Negative 2 step-TB skin test; Tdap; Seasonal vaccine requirements.

Each program uses a second admission process rather than a wait list. For information about admission and graduation requirements, click on your program of choice.

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