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Quality & Institutional Effectiveness


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MAK Team Charter

Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management Committee


  • Design performance measurement system to support fact-based decision making for setting and aligning organizational directions and resource use by:
    • Developing and deploying a measurement selection process.
    • Identifying and selecting benchmark data sources.
    • Utilizing a cascading balanced scorecard approach.
  • Recommend, facilitate and/or provide training to college employees in monitoring, evaluation, reporting of information.
  • Define annual reporting requirements for all college departments (academic & non-academic).
  • Complete an annual assessment of effectiveness via the ‘Are We Making Progress’ survey and provide recommendations and information to support strategic planning.
  • Support the utilization of data reporting technology.
  • Support the development of a knowledge management plan.
  • Participate in the review and development of policies and procedures required to support the committee’s purpose and goals.
  • Provide draft materials and information, for related sections, to support completion of the institution’s annual AQIP Systems Portfolio Update/Michigan Quality Leadership Program (MQLP)/Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (BPEP) update or application.


The Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management Committee consists of the following members:

Darrell Norris 12-09-10
Trisha Puckett 12-09-10
Jim Jones – Co-chair 12-09-10
Lisa Taylor 12-09-10
Angel Fonseca 12-09-10
Michael Walraven 12-09-10
Sarah York 12-09-10

Meeting Materials

07-20-12 AgendaMinutes
06-15-12 Agenda Minutes
03-16-12 Agenda Minutes
02-24-12 Agenda Minutes
01-20-12 Agenda Minutes