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This site provides a wealth of information about the policies and practices related to teaching at JC and the services and support we provide to faculty.

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Department Chairs 2017-2018

Sharon Nowak Nursing LPN, NUR
Dianne Hill Business & Technology ACC, BUA, CIS, CNS, CUL, ECM, ENT
Thomas McMillen-Oakley Language, Literature & Arts ART, COM, DAN, EDU, ENG, ESL, FRN, GER, HUM, MUS, PHL, SPN, THR, VID, WRL
Kristi Laird Math & Engineering ALT, CPS, EGR, ELT, MAT, STM
Ted Miller Foundation Studies DE Courses & FYS
Jacklyn Burkhard Behavioral Sciences ANT, CRJ, ECN, HIS, PLS, PSY, SOC
Kristin Spencer Allied Health DMS, EMS, HOC, MIC, MOA, RAD, RES
Jon Powell Sciences & HPF BIO, CEM, GEL, GEO, HPF, NSC, PHY
David Higgins Technical Trades ALT, AFT, AUT, ELT, MFG, WLD

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