Jackson College Alumni Advisory Council

The Jackson College Alumni Advisory Council (JCAAC) is comprised of valued supporters and alumni of Jackson College.

As the name suggests, the group includes individuals and representatives who are Jackson College Alumni and have a vested interest and broad understanding of Jackson College. JCAAC was created to work closely with the Office of Alumni Development to provide comprehensive input into the vision of Jackson College’s alumni development focus, vet strategies for engaging alumni and assist with delivering the message of engagement to all Jackson alumni.


  • Terri A. Papiersky ‘80, Chair
  • Stephanie Kopf ‘00, Vice – Chair
  • Dr. William Patterson ‘91, Immediate Past Chair
  • Elli Blonde ‘16
  • Kelly Crum ‘90
  • Dr. Jonathon Curtis ‘10
  • Russ Gaston ‘04
  • Gina Gudowski ‘11

  • Julie Hand ‘89
  • Dee Jackson
  • Charles Maat ‘12
  • Carly Lee ‘17
  • Monica Pierce ‘97
  • Heather Ruttkofsky ‘01
  • Shirley Zeller ‘81

Staff Leadership

Brigette Robinson

Brigette Robinson

W.J. Maher Campus
3000 Blake Road
Jackson, Michigan 49201