Alumni Wall

Located in the main stairway of the Potter Center, the Alumni Wall highlights four outstanding Jackson College alumni. Wall honorees are selected for their accomplishments since graduation and their contributions to the community or field of work.

Current Alumni Wall Honorees

Ellen Ewing
Class of 1964

Lexava Smith
Class of 1981

Elmer Hitt
Class of 1997

Tovah Sheldon
Class of 2000

Past Alumni Wall Honorees

Cindy Allen
Cindy Allen
Class of 1986

Patricia Anderson
Class of 1958

Karen Barnes
Class of 1985

Leland Bassett
Class of 1964

Brendan Beer
Class of 1995

Charles Birney
Class of 1954

George Brown
Class of 1988

Larry Bullen
Class of 1949

Ted Christoff
Class of 1990

Farris Coppage
Class of 1964

Marsena Covington
Class of 1979

James Crane
Class of 1948

John Crist
Class of 1966

Kelly Crum
Class of 1990

Jonathan Curtis
Class of 2010

Thomas Draper
Class of 1966

Jenny Engle
Class of 2011

Thomas Evanson
Class of 1967

Charles J. Falahee Jr.
Class of 1972

Patti Fenchuk
Class of 1968

Casey Fitzgibbons
Class of 2002

Emily Garcia
Class of 2010

Marlene Grayson
Class of 1967

Leonard Griehs
Class of 1967

Alyssia Hall
Class of 2014

Elizabeth Hoppe
Class of 1984

Jon Lake
Class of 1972

Robert LaZebnik
Class of 1945

Carly Lee
Class of 2017

Charles Maat
Class of 2012

William Maher
Class of 2012

Kirk Mercer
Class of 1970

Chad Noble
Class of 1981

William Patterson
Class of 1991

Earl Poleski
Class of 1976

George Potter
Class of 1956

Phylicia Richmond
Class of 2009

David Riggs
Class of 1983

Jane Robinson
Class of 1976

Amy Sayles
Class of 1976

Valerie Schuette
Class of 2000

Dick Shaink
Class of 1962

Colby Sharp
Class of 2001

Dr. Fred Slete
Class of 1978

Laura Stanton
Class of 1974

Charles Thomas
Class of 1978

Amy Torres
Class of 1973

Brian Walker
Class of 1982

Jacquie Walker Beato
Class of 1973

Carlene Walz
Class of 1970

Mara Wierzbicki
Class of 2012

Woodrow Wilson, Jr.
Class of 1967