The Payroll Department is responsible for making payroll payments to faculty, staff, and student employees.

Adjunct Pay Calendar

Information regarding adjunct pay schedule.

Stipend Summary

Log into e-services to view your stipend payout summary.

Direct Deposit Form

Want a relaxing and stress-free Payday? Sign up for direct deposit. It’s easy! Forward completed form to Payroll Office. Be sure to include your bank’s routing number. This could delay your request if not included.

Direct Deposit Form (excel)

Payroll Deduction Codes

Wonder what all those deductions from your paychecks are? Provided is the list of payroll deduction codes so you can make sense of where your money goes.

CODE Earnings – Code Description
AJ Adjunct Earnings
AR Association Release
BE Bereavement
CC College Closed
CT Compensatory Time Used
DT Double Time
FW Federal Work Study
HO Health Opt-Out
HP Holiday Pay
LD Long Term Disability
MS Miscellaneous
OL Overload Pay
PT Paid Time Off (PTO)
PTCO PTO Carry-Over
RG Regular Earnings
S6 STD 66.67% of Pay
S66 Short Term Disability 66.67%
S7 Short Term Disability – 75% of pay
S8 Short Term Disability – 85% of pay
SA Student Aide Program
SB Sabbatical Pay
SI Sick Leave
SN Special Needs Students
TH Overtime- time and one half
TL Retirement/Service Year Pay
TU Tutors
VA Vacation
VACO Vacation Carry-Over
VF Final Vacation Payoff
XR Earnings are exempt from Retirement
CODE Taxes – Code Description
CTY1 City of Jackson – Resident
CTY2 City of Jackson – Non-Resident
FICA Social Security-Old Age/Survivor
FWHM Federal Withholding – Married
FWHS Federal Withholding – Single
MEDI Medicare portion of Social Security
MIST Michigan Tax
CODE Retirement – Code Description
MH15 Mpsers Health Incentive 1.5%
MH30 MPSERS – Health Incentive 3%
MIBB MPSERS – Employee Contribution Adjustment
MIP Member Investment Plan Table
MP03 MPSERS – Contribution Fixed @ 3%
MP04 Member Investment Plan 4.0%
MP06 MPSERS Retiree UAAL Contrib
MP07 MPSERS – Contribution Flat Rate 7%
MP15 MPSERS – Contribution Fixed @ 1.5%
MP39 Member Investment Plan 3.9%
MP43 Member Investment Plan 4.3%
MP45 Member Investment Plan 5.8%
MP54 MPSERS – Contribution Fixed @ 5.4%
MP58 MPSERS – Contributions Range 4.5% – 5.8%
MP62 Pension Plus 2 Employee
MP64 Member Investment Plan 6.4%
MP69 MPSERS – Contribution Fixed @ 6.9%
MP73 MPSERS – Contributions Range 6% – 7.3%
MP79 MPSERS – Contributions Range 4.5% – 7.9%
MP94 MPSERS – Contributions Range 6% – 9.4%
MPHI Member Invest Plan Hybrid 4.5%
MPHO Mpsers Hybrid Invest Plan
MPOL Member Investment Plan – Ol
MTDP Mip Buy-Back
R401 401A Retirement Adjustment
RD04 Defined Contribution Mpsers 4%
RD10 Defined Contribution Mpsers10%
RDCM Defined Contribution MPSERS
RIBB MPSERS Employer Paid Adjustment
RIJC Retirement MIP JC PayBack
RIN2 Define Contribution MPSERS 2%
RING Define Contribution MPSERS
RPHF Personal Health Care Fund
RT01 Retirement Add’l Employee %
RT04 Retirement Employer Voya
RTBB Retirement Buy Back
RTDC Retirement DC PHF 20.96%
RTDP Retirement Tax Deferred Plan
RTHF Retirement Phf 26.98%
RTMS Retirement Premium 27.50%
RTMT Retirement
RTOA Optional Retirement Administration 15% JC
RTOP Optional Retirement 14% JC
RTP2 Pension Plus 2 Employer 27.16%
RTPP Retirement Pp Prem. 24.55%
RTPS Retirement Dc Prem. 21.48%
RTRP Retirement Pp Phf 24.03%
RTTI Optional Retirement – TIAA 4% Employee
RTVA Option Retirement, VALIC
RTD1 Retirement Tax Deferred Plan 1
RTD2 Retirement Tax Deferred Plan 2
TIAF Tiaa/Fixed Special Pay

CODE Other – Code Description
3P17 Third Party Payroll 17%
ADBO Administration Bonus
CAMP Campus Foundation
CMPT Computer Purchase
FADU Faculty Dues
FRCT Friend of the Court – Michigan
FSLE Federal/State Levy
GARN Garnishment
Any codes that start with G are Garnishment Codes
MESP Mespa Support Dues
MISC Miscellaneous
MUDB MESPA Union Due PayBack
PAAD Payroll Advance
POST Employee Postage Use
PTIN Nationwide Pet Insurance
TUIE Tuition-Employee
TUIT Tuition Credit
TXLV Tax Levy
UNWA United Way
CODE Insurance – Code Description
AFLC AFLC Insurance Plans Pre-tax
AFLA AFLC Insurance Plans After-tax
DFSA Dependent Care Flexible Spending
DL1A Dental-Single-Administration
DL2A Dental 2 Person-Administration
DLFA Dental Family-Administration
DN1S Dental – Single Staff
DN2S Dental – 2 Person Staff
DNFS Dental – Family Staff
FHS1 MESSA 1 person HSA no wellness
FHS2 MESSA 2 person HSA no wellness
FHSF MESSA Family HSA no wellness
FHW1 MESSA 1 person HSA w/Wellness
FHW2 MESSA 2 person HSA W/ Wellness
FHWF MESSA Family HSA w/ Wellness
HEQ Health Savings Account – HEQ
HFSA Health Care Flexible Spending
LIBA Basic Life Administrators
LIBF Basic Life – Faculty
LIFE Optional Life Insurance
LIFS Basic Life Staff
LODE Life Optional – Dependent
LOEM Life Optional – Employee
LOSP Life Optional – Spouse
LTDA Long Term Disability Administration
LTDF Long Term Disability F/A
LTDS Long Term Disability Staff
MDA1 Messa Dental C/D – 1 person
MDA2 Messa Dental C/D- 2 person
MDAF Messa Dental C/D – Family
MDB1 MESSA Dental B – 1 person
MDB2 MESSA Dental B – 2 person
MDBF MESSA Dental B Family
MFV1 MESSA Faculty Vision – 1 person
MFV2 MESSA Faculty Vision – 2 person
MFVF MESSA Faculty Vision – Family
MHS1 MESSA HSA Billing Cost 1 person
MHS2 MESSA HSA Billing Cost – 2 person
MHSF MESSA HSA Billing Cost – Family
MMN1 MESSA Med w/out Wellness – 1 person
MMN2 MESSA Med w/out Wellness – 2 person
MMNF MESSA Med w/out Wellness – Family
MMW1 MESSA Med w/ Wellness – 1 person
MMW2 MESSA Med w/ Wellness – 2 person
MMWF MESSA Med w/ well – Family
MOEM MESSA Optional Life
MOSI MESSA Opt Survivor Income
VN1A Vision-Single Administration
VN2A Vision – 2 Person Administration
VNFA Vision Family Administration
VS1F Vision – Single Faculty
VS2F Vision – 2 Person Faculty
VS1S Vision – Single Staff
VS2S Vision – 2 Person Staff
VSFA Vision – Family Administration
VSFF Vision – Family Faculty
VSFS Vision – Family Staff
CODE 403b – Code Description
57VL Valic 457B
ACON Consolidated
AVAF Valic-Fixed Amount
AVAL Valic
CODE 457b – Code Description
REMC Emeriti Retirement Plan- Catch Up
REMF Emeriti Employee Contribution
REMI Emeriti Retirement Plan
REMP Emeriti Employee Contribution
57VL Retirement Plan with Valic

Retirement Information

Tax Sheltered Annuity program

Visit the Human Resources page for information regarding the Tax Sheltered Annuity Program

Office of Retirement Information

  • The ORS Web site for public school employees in the Defined Benefit (DB) plan.  You are in the DB plan if you began working for a Michigan public school before July 1, 2010.

ORS Public Schools Web Site

  • The ORS Web site for public school employees in the Pension Plus plan.  You are in the Pension Plus plan if you began working for a Michigan public school on or after July 1, 2010.

ORS Pension Plus Web Site


Manage your personal retirement account and view the most accurate, up-to-date information.


Forms & Publications

Forms & Publications from the Office of Retirement.

Forms & Publications

Meeting Schedule

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Retirement Check-List

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The Pension Formula

Plan ahead. Estimate your Pension. Your first step in estimating your pension will always be to figure your FAC. Then you use the pension formula to figure your straight life calculation.

Pension Formula

Tax Information

Need to make tax deduction changes?

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