Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Process for acquiring accommodations

It is important to contact a Center for Student Success professional prior to the start of the semester in order to receive accommodations in a timely manner. While we will make every effort to coordinate accommodations in a timely manner, failure to self-identify prior to the start of the semester may delay notification to instructors and timeliness of acquiring accommodations. Accommodations do not automatically carry over to the next semester.


Go through The New Student Checklist


Drop off or mail a copy of your disability documentation (doctor’s note, 504 Plan, etc.) to the Center for Student Success.


Schedule a meeting with Monica Bouman, CSS director


Contact a CSS professional with questions or concerns as they arise

Accommodations should:

  • Allow a student with a disability equal participation in and benefit from all programs and activities
  • Level the playing field to avoid penalizing for disability-related factors
  • Make it possible for an instructor to fairly evaluate the student’s understanding of the material.

Accommodations should not:

  • Fundamentally alter the essential objectives of an academic program, curriculum or course, or lower the standards
  • Threaten the safety or health of self or others
  • Cause an undue financial hardship to the College
  • Cross the line between accommodations and personal devices or services

Helpful Resources for Students with Disabilities