Faculty Resources

Early Intervention – HQV

The Center for Student Success (CSS) is committed to promoting student academic success. To that end, we work closely with Student Services to coordinate outreach to students who receive an “H” from their instructor. By providing timely and accurate HQV feedback, students you believe need additional services will receive personal contacts from JC personnel. For each HQV grading, e-mail communication is sent to students and our staff and/or student success navigators make personal phone calls to students to discuss progress and refer to appropriate services.

Please do not give a student an “H” for the sole purpose of receiving a phone call. If you would like a CSS professional to visit your class to discuss services, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Other Intervention Strategies

  • Tour the Center for Student Success with your students.
  • Refer students to CSS for free tutoring and information on study strategies.
  • Schedule a CSS professional to visit your class to discuss services available. We can tailor our presentation based on time you have available.
  • Request CSS bookmarks and/or brochures and we will be happy to send you some.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations your class are encouraged to contact the Center for Student Success by calling 517.796.8415, or visit us as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Accommodations requiring faculty assistance generally include:

  • Quiet Testing (with or without extended time) – Please direct students, and send all tests, to the : Center for Student Success in Bert Walker Hall, Room 138, with the Testing Lab Proctoring Form.
  • Extended time only  Please send students and tests to the Testing Lab in Bert Walker Hall, Room 121, with the Testing Center Proctoring Form.
  • If you give exams/quizzes via JetNet, please let us know as soon as possible so we may make the appropriate adjustments with the Distance Learning office.
  • Preferred seating – please have a discussion with your student to determine their preferred seating needs.
  • Note taker – We ask your assistance in acquiring a note taker by announcing to your class that CSS is hiring a note taker for the semester, without mentioning the student. We look for a student who attends class regularly and takes thorough and legible notes. If a student wishes to serve as a note taker, please have him or her call the CSS at 517.796.8415 or stop by the office to complete the hiring process. If a student does not present themselves, please e-mail Monica Bouman your recommendation and we will contact him/her to see if they are interested in the job.


Free tutoring is available for this class as well as most courses at JC. If you would like to work with a tutor please contact visit the Center for Student Success by calling us at 517.796.8415 or visiting the office. Faculty and student tutors are available to help you succeed in your studies.

Recommend a tutor

Did you know CSS employs students to serve as peer tutors? We value your opinion and often look to faculty for student tutor recommendations. If you know of a student who excels academically and whom you believe would serve other students well, please have them visit our tutoring center web page. Please note, not all recommendations will result in hiring. If we do not have a current need for that course we will keep their name on file for future semester.