Student Support Resources

Jackson College is COMMITTED to serving the needs of the whole student.

At Jackson College, it is our way of saying that in all we do, we are unswerving in our focus of assisting students to complete their program of study and succeed. We offer superior instruction from dedicated faculty and provide comprehensive support services to ensure each student reaches their goals!

  • Financial Aid

    At Jackson College, total commitment to student success matters. No student should hesitate to apply for admission because of financial circumstances.  Through the use of federal, state, institutional, and private funding, the Office of Financial Aid assists Jackson College students and their families seek, obtain, and make the best use of all financial resources available while achieving their educational goals.

    Financial Aid
  • Michigan Reconnect

    If you are 25 years or older, have a high school degree and live in Michigan, then a tuition-free pathway to college may be available through a new program from the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Development called Michigan Reconnect. It’s a scholarship designed specifically for eligible adults who want to pursue an associate degree at a Michigan community college or a skills certificate at a training school.

    Michigan Reconnect
  • Scholarships

    Many students can qualify for a Jackson College scholarships. Some scholarships require financial need, some are based on merit, and some combine both criteria. There also are special scholarships for students with disabilities.


  • Professional Clothing

    Jackets for Jets provides access to professional clothing to assist students in their efforts to be ready for the workplace. Jackson College is committed to our students’ success, and that includes helping you dress for success on the job!

    • How to Support Jackets for Jets

      We are accepting donations of gently used, laundered, and pressed clothing items including:

      • Suit Jackets
      • Ties
      • Skirts
      • Pants
      • Shirts
      • Blouses
      • Dresses
      • Jewelry
      • Cardigans

      To donate, please contact to set up a delivery appointment.

    • Why use Jackets for Jets?

      Professional clothing can be requested for the following reasons:

      • Career Fair
      • ​Career Event
      • Conference
      • Internship
      • Interview​
      • Work
      • Etc. (any professional event)
    • How does Jackets for Jets work?

      To access the closet, students should set up an appointment with the Employment Hub by emailing At the appointment, students make take up to three full outfits which will be theirs to keep. Repeat appointment will be decided based on available inventory.

  • Counseling Services

    Jackson College is here to support our students and employees in their personal mental health needs by providing a variety of free and confidential counseling services.

    Oasis Center
  • Dental Clinic

    Students, employees and community members may utilize Jackson College’s Dental Hygiene Clinic, which offers dental hygiene services while helping students gain experience. The clinic allows dental hygiene students to complete practice hours required as part of their studies.

    Dental Clinic
  • Health Clinic

    health clinic

    Jackson College has partnered with Henry Ford Jackson Hospital to offer healthcare to Jackson College students and employees. The caring and professional staff at the JCHC provides quality healthcare, including annual exams (physicals, program physicals and sports physicals), acute and chronic illness care and preventative health care.

    Health Clinic

  • Academic Resources

    Academic Resources

    Khan Academy Library has over 3,900 videos covering mathematics, science and history.



    Critical Thinking

    Career Assessment

  • TRIO Program

    TRIO is a 100% federally funded program at Jackson College.  Our main goal is to assist TRIO students in graduating from Jackson College with a certificate, degree, and/or transfer to a four-year institution of higher education.  The TRIO department also strives to ensure that students are well rounded academically and personally.  This means that they are involved on campus, in the community, and within the TRIO program.

    TRIO offers a support system for students who may not otherwise have one, with services that focus on supporting the whole student, beyond just academic performance.

    TRIO Program
  • Center for Student Success

    At the Center for Student Success (CSS), we are committed to providing all students the opportunity to achieve academic success by providing a variety of support services free of charge to Jackson College students. This includes, but is not limited to, peer and faculty tutoring, mental health referral, temporary assistance with transportation, various workshops/seminars, and the TRIO program.

    In addition, the CSS staff is committed to adapting the College’s general services to meet the individual needs of otherwise qualified students with disabilities, for the purpose of providing equal access to all programs and facilities.

    Center for Student Success

  • Harriet’s Hub

    Harriet’s Hub is Jackson College’s one-stop resource center dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for our students. At Harriet’s Hub, we believe in eliminating barriers to success by providing essential resources such as free food, hygiene products, and professional clothing. Our goal is to create a safe space where students can access the support they need and ensure every student feels valued on their journey toward success.

    Harriet’s Hub
  • Hunger Free Campus

    In continued efforts to help all students be successful, the College has launched the Hunger-Free Campus initiative. This initiative will provide hungry students food to eat and some basic necessities. Students who self-identify can receive emergency assistance coupons with non-cash value of $10 to meet food, hygiene or household needs

    Hunger Free Campus
  • Food Resources
    • 2-1-1-Michigan

      2-1-1-Michigan, is a 24/7 service that can connect you to all kinds of services. Visit their website to see what is available for help with food, housing, or paying bills. A list of food pantries is available here and you can search by area code.

      2-1-1 Michigan
    • Connect With My Future

      MI Works! is encouraging students to reach out to them for assistance with everything from tuition, books, gas, uniforms, laptops, Wi-Fi.  Fill out the Connect With My Future application and you will be followed up with by one of their staff members.  

    • Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County

      Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County, is a monthly or bi-weekly pantry at various locations. Most you can simply drive up and they place a box of food in your car. There is also a number for delivery of the food pantry items. CMJC delivers food to those families and individuals shut-in, as well as those without transportation. Please call 395-2652 for assistance. Deliveries are made within 24 hours of the initial phone call coming into us. 

      Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County
    • Hillsdale County Food Resources


      • El Bethel Tabernacle, 1661 Hudson Rd, Hillsdale, MI; Wednesday, 10am–noon & 1–3pm 
      • First Church of Christ in Waldron, 107 West St, Waldron, MI; 4th Wednesday of each month, 2–4pm, Waldron school district residents 
      • Hillsdale Baptist Church, 2211 W Bacon Rd, Hillsdale, MI; Tuesday, 9–11am 
      • Life Line Pantry, 126 S Main St, Reading, MI; 2nd & 4th Tuesday, 8am–2pm 
      • Salvation Army/Hillsdale Food Pantry, 160 E Bacon St, Hillsdale, MI; Mon, Fri, 1– 3pm, once every 60 days 
      • St. Anthony Family Center, 11 North Broad St, Hillsdale, MI; Tuesday, 12:30–2pm; Friday, 9:30–11am 
      • Trinity Lutheran Church in Hillsdale/ Kings Kupboard, 69 Griswold St, Hillsdale, MI; Summer (May–Sept): M&F, 3:30–5:30pm; W, 6–8pm; Winter: MWF, 3:30–5:30pm 

      Soup Kitchens 

      • St. Anthony Family Center, 11 North Broad St, Hillsdale, MI; Tuesday, 12:30–2pm; Friday, 9:30–11am 
      • Trinity Lutheran Church in Hillsdale/ Kings Kupboard, 69 Griswold St, Hillsdale, MI; Summer (May–Sept): M&F, 3:30–5:30pm; W, 6–8pm; Winter: MWF, 3:30–5:30pm 

      Fresh Food Distributions 

      • 1st Congregational Church of Pittsford, 9294 Rail St, Pittsford, MI; 1st Tuesday of each month, 2–4pm 
      • Hillsdale Salvation Army, 160 E Bacon St, Hillsdale, MI; Tuesday, 9–11am 
      • Reading Community Schools, 200 E Michigan St, Reading, MI; 4th Monday of each month, 5–7pm 
    • JC Oasis Center

      JC Oasis Center (on Central Campus): Their team of clinicians can help connect you to a wide range of community resources.  Contact them at 517.990.1300. If the Oasis Center is not open when you call, you can reach out Family Services and Children’s Aid at 517.787.7920. Simply state that you would like to speak with the Oasis Center staff.   

      JC Oasis Center
    • Jackson College Emergency Fund

      Jackson College Emergency Fund, donated by friends of the College as well as employees, their families, and others who are interested in helping students succeed. When funding is available, grants are provided to meet one-time unforeseen emergencies that would otherwise prevent students from continuing their education at Jackson College. 

      JC Emergency Fund
    • Jackson County Food Resources 


      • Adventist Community Service Center, 3600 County Farm Rd, Jackson, MI; Tuesday, 11am–4pm 
      • Brooklyn Food Pantry, 171 Wamplers Lake Rd, Brooklyn, MI; Tuesday, 10am–7pm; Thursday 10am–2pm 
      • Central Wesleyan Church, 119 North Webster St, Holland, MI; 3rd Thursday of each month, 3–6pm 
      • Christ Episcopal Church/Operation Blessing, 9900 N Meridian Rd, Pleasant Lake, MI; 3rd Saturday of each month, 9–10am 
      • Christ’s Kingdom Ministries, 501 S Elm St, Jackson, MI; 3rd Thursday of each month by appointment 
      • Compassionate Ministries Pantry, 3905 Clinton Rd, Jackson, MI; 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month, 10am–12:00pm 
      • Encounter Church Food Pantry, 620 Robinson, Jackson, MI; Tues & Thurs, 10am–1pm 
      • First Evangelistic COGIC, 1508 Francis St, Jackson, MI; 3rd Friday of each month, 12–2pm 
      • Harmony Baptist Church, 6475 Ann Arbor Rd, Jackson, MI; By appointment 
      • Higby Street Church of Christ, 706 South Higby St, Jackson, MI; Saturday, 9–10:30am 
      • Hillside UMC/Hanover Community Food Pantry, 6100 Folks Rd, Horton, MI; Tues & Thurs, 9am–12pm & by appointment 
      • Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1505 W Michigan Avenue, Jackson, MI; Saturday, 9:30–11:30am 
      • Jackson Community Food Pantry, 701 Greenwood St, Jackson, MI; Wednesday, 4–6pm 
      • Napoleon Food Pantry, 200 West Ave, Napoleon, MI; Wednesday, 3–5pm 
      • North Parma UMC Food Pantry, 5631 N Parma Rd, Parma, MI; Tues & Sat 10–11am (Western & Concord School District residents only) 
      • Our Lady of Fatima, 911 Napoleon Rd, Michigan Center, MI; By appointment 
      • Rives Baptist Church, 2800 West Berry Rd, Junction, MI; Thursday, 9am–12:00pm 
      • Salvation Army, 806 E Pearl, Jackson, MI Mon–Thurs, 10am–12pm & 1–2pm 
      • Spring Arbor Food Pantry, 120 E Main St, Spring Arbor, MI; Tues & Thurs 3–4pm 
      • Springport UMC Food Pantry, 127 W Main St, Springport, MI; Springport School District Residents by appointment (517) 857–2777 
      • St. John’s United Center, 801 S Mechanic St, Jackson, MI; 3rd Friday of each month, 10am–12pm 
      • St. Joseph SVDP, 704 N East Ave, St Joseph, MI; By appointment 
      • St. Vincent of de Paul: Queen’s, 606 S Wisner, Jackson, MI; By appointment 
      • St. Vincent of de Paul: St. John’s, 711 N Francis St, St Johns, MI; By Appointment 
      • St. Vincent of de Paul: St. Mary’s, 407 S Mechanic Street, Jackson, MI; By appointment 
      • St. Vincent of de Paul: St. Rita, 10516 Hayes Rd, Clarklake, MI; By appointment 
      • Stream in the Desert Ministries, 145 N Gorham St, Jackson, MI; 3rd Sunday of each month, 1–3pm 

      Soup Kitchens

      • Jackson Interfaith Shelter, 414 S Blackstone, Jackson, MI; Breakfast: 7–8am; Lunch: 11:30am–12:30pm; Dinner: 4:30–5:30pm  
      • First Baptist Church of Jackson, Wednesday night Café Connection, 201 S. Jackson St., Jackson, MI; 4:30-7 p.m. Wednesdays  

      Fresh Food Distributions

      • Blaze Church, 526 Fairyland Ave, Jackson, MI; 2nd Friday of each month, 3–5pm, beginning July 10th 
      • East Jackson Church of the Nazarene, 5549 Ann Arbor Rd, Jackson, MI; 3rd Tuesday of each month, 2–4pm  
      • Heritage Foundation, 800 South Cooper St, Jackson, MI; 3rd Saturday of each month, 12–2pm 
      • Jeruel Baptist Church, 11400 Plum Orchard Rd, Munith, MI; 2nd Monday of each month, 5–6pm 
      • Lily Baptist Church, 1117 W G Wade Dr, Jackson, MI; 4th Thursday of each month, 12–1pm 
      • Napoleon Public Schools, 201 West St, Napoleon, MI; 3rd Wednesday of each month, 3–5pm 
      • Spring Arbor Church of the Nazarene, 8200 King Rd, Parma, MI; 3rd Thursday of each month, 3–5pm 
      • Spring Arbor Methodist Church, 120 E. Main St, Jackson, MI; 4th Wednesday of each month, 3–5pm 
    • Lenawee County Food Resources 


      • God’s Helping Hands/Tipton Community Church, 9240 Tipton Hwy, Tipton, MI; 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month, 4:30pm–6pm 
      • Hudson Ministerial Association, 211 Mechanic St, Hudson, MI; TR, 11am–1pm  
      • Manitou Road Baptist Church, 175 Manitou Rd, Maintou Beach, MI; 2nd Thursday of each month, 1–3pm 
      • Morenci Church of the Nazarene Food Pantry, 751 N Summit St, Morenci, MI; TR, 11am–2pm 
      • Neighbors of Hope — Fishes & Loaves, 423 W Maumee St, Adrian, MI; M-F, 10am-3pm; TR, 5–7pm; Sat, 10am–12pm 
      • New Song Community Church Pantry, 5211 S Occidental Hwy, Tecumseh, MI; Thurs 1– 3pm and Saturday 10am–12pm 
      • St. Joseph Conference SVDP, 415 Ormsby St, Adrian, MI; MWF, 1pm–2:30pm 
      • St. Mary on the Lake Catholic Church, 450 Manitou Rd, Manitou Beach, MI; Friday, 10am–12pm 
      • St. Mary’s of Good Counsel Christian Service, 305 Division St, Adrian, MI; MTR, 1–3pm 
      • The Salvation Army Pantry, 217 W Church St, Adrian, MI; MR, 8:30am–11am 

      Soup Kitchens

      • Daily Bread of Lenawee, Inc. Pantry, 302 S Tecumseh St, Adrian, MI; Tuesday & Saturday, 11:30am–2pm 
      • God’s Helping Hands/Tipton Community Church, 9240 Tipton Hwy, Tipton, MI; 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month, 4:30–6pm 
      • Salvation Army, 217 W Church St, Adrian, MI; MW, 4–5pm 

      Fresh Food Distributions

      • City of Refuge (Adrian Senior Center), 327 Erie St, Adrian, MI; 1st Thursday of each month, 1–3pm 
      • Morenci Church of the Nazarene, 751 Summit St, Morenci, MI; 1st Thursday of each month, 12–2pm 
      • Salvation Army, 217 W Church St, Adrian, MI; Tuesday, 8:30–10:30am 
      • Tecumseh United Methodist Church, 605 Bishop Rd, Tecumseh, MI; 3rd Saturday of each month, 12–2p 
    • MI Bridges

      Search for information or connect with a navigator on programs related to food assistance, utilities assistance, homelessness, and more. MI Bridges can help you to access more than 30,000 state and local services across the state.  

      MI Bridges

  • Emergency Support Form


    We recognize that we learn as whole people. To learn effectively you must have basic security: a roof over your head, a safe place to sleep, enough food to eat, financial resources and a support system. If you’re having trouble with any of those things you have come to the right place!

    Jackson College is totally committed to student success. Our hope is that every student has an opportunity to complete their academic goals regardless of what obstacles may come in their way.

    Emergency Support Form


We understand that your academic journey may come with unique challenges, and we’re here to provide the assistance you need. If you require any additional resources, guidance, or support, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let us work together to enhance your academic experience. Your success is our priority!