Tutoring Center

Jackson College is committed to student success and offers all its students free academic tutoring at various college locations in friendly, supportive environments. The goal of tutoring is to provide individualized or group assistance that enables you to develop academic mastery and independence.

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Tutor Schedule

Central Campus – Fall 2018

If you don’t see your course listed here, you may request a tutor by contacting your site location. If a tutor cannot be identified, there are other things you can do to be successful. We can help you to develop an individualized study plan, we can provide study strategies, or we can direct you to other free resources. Also, consider creating a study group with your classmates.

ACC 115Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
ACC 115Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
ACC 130Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
ACC 130Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
ACC 216Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
ACC 216Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
ACC 231Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
ACC 231Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
ANTDrop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
ANTDrop inWednesday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
ANT 131Drop inMonday12:30pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
ANT 131Drop inWednesday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
ANT 131Drop inThursday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
ART 111Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
ART 111Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
ART 111Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
ART 111Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
ART 112Drop inTuesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
ART 112Drop inWednesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
ART 112Drop inThursday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
ART 112Drop inTuesday8:00am-9:30amTipton, Megan
ART 112Drop inFriday10:30am-4:00pmTipton, Megan
BIO 161Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 161Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 161Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 161Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 162Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 162Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 162Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 162Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 220Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 220Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 220Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 220Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 232Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 232Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 232Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 232Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
BIO 253Drop inMonday8:00am-2:00pmBadjie, Sam
BIO 253Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmBadjie, Sam
BIO 253Drop inWednesday4:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
BIO 253Drop inThursday3:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
BIO 253Drop inMonday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
BIO 253Drop inWednesday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
BIO 254Drop inMonday8:00am-2:00pmBadjie, Sam
BIO 254Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmBadjie, Sam
BIO 254Drop inWednesday4:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
BIO 254Drop inThursday3:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
BIO 254Drop inMonday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
BIO 254Drop inWednesday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
BUA 122Drop inMonday12:30pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
BUA 122Drop inWednesday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
BUA 122Drop inThursday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
CEM 131Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
CEM 131Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
CEM 131Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
CEM 131Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
CEM 131Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
CEM 131Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
CEM 131Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
CEM 131Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
CEM 131Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmZhu, Yang
CEM 131Drop inTuesday10:00am-4:00pmZhu, Yang
CEM 131Drop inThursday12:00pm-3:00pmZhu, Yang
CEM 141Drop inMonday1:30pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
CEM 141Drop inTuesday3:00pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
CEM 141Drop inWednesday10:30am-6:00pmBielski, Boe
CEM 141Drop inThursday10:30am-12:30pmBielski, Boe
CEM 141Drop inFriday11:00am-3:00pmBielski, Boe
CEM 141Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
CEM 141Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
CEM 141Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
CEM 141Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
CEM 141Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
CEM 141Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
CEM 141Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
CEM 141Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
CEM 141Drop inTuesday8:00am-9:30amTipton, Megan
CEM 141Drop inFriday10:30am-4:00pmTipton, Megan
CEM 141Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmZhu, Yang
CEM 141Drop inTuesday10:00am-4:00pmZhu, Yang
CEM 141Drop inThursday12:00pm-3:00pmZhu, Yang
CEM 142Drop inMonday1:30pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
CEM 142Drop inTuesday3:00pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
CEM 142Drop inWednesday10:30am-6:00pmBielski, Boe
CEM 142Drop inThursday10:30am-12:30pmBielski, Boe
CEM 142Drop inFriday11:00am-3:00pmBielski, Boe
CEM 142Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
CEM 142Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
CEM 142Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
CEM 142Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
CIS 101Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
CIS 101Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
CIS 101Drop inMonday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
CIS 101Drop inWednesday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
CIS 101Drop inTuesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
CIS 101Drop inWednesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
CIS 101Drop inThursday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
CNS 101Drop inMonday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
CNS 101Drop inWednesday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
CNS 121Drop inMonday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
CNS 121Drop inWednesday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
CNS 123Drop inMonday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
CNS 123Drop inWednesday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
CNS 131Drop inMonday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
CNS 131Drop inWednesday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
COM 231Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
COM 231Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
COM 231Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
COM 231Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
COM 231Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
COM 231Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
COM 231Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
COM 231Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
COM 231Drop inMonday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
COM 231Drop inWednesday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
COM 231Drop inTuesday11:00am-2:00pmRose, Haley
COM 231Drop inWednesday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
COM 231Drop inThursday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
COM 240Drop inMonday8:00am-2:00pmBadjie, Sam
COM 240Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmBadjie, Sam
COM 240Drop inWednesday4:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
COM 240Drop inThursday3:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
COM 240Drop inMonday1:30pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
COM 240Drop inTuesday3:00pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
COM 240Drop inWednesday10:30am-6:00pmBielski, Boe
COM 240Drop inThursday10:30am-12:30pmBielski, Boe
COM 240Drop inFriday11:00am-3:00pmBielski, Boe
COM 240Drop inMonday12:30pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
COM 240Drop inWednesday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
COM 240Drop inThursday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
COM 240Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
COM 240Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
CRJ 114Drop inTuesday11:00am-2:00pmRose, Haley
CRJ 114Drop inWednesday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
CRJ 114Drop inThursday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
ECN 232Drop inTuesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
ECN 232Drop inWednesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
ECN 232Drop inThursday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
ENGDrop inMonday8:00am-6:00pmFaculty
ENGDrop inTuesday8:00am-6:00pmFaculty
ENGDrop inWednesday8:00am-6:00pmFaculty
ENGDrop inThursday8:00am-6:00pmFaculty
ENGDrop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmFaculty
GEO 132Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
GEO 132Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
GEO 132Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
GEO 132Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
HIS 132Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
HIS 132Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
HIS 132Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
HIS 132Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
HIS 132Drop inMonday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
HIS 132Drop inWednesday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
HOC 150Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
HOC 150Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
HPF 277Drop inTuesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
HPF 277Drop inWednesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
HPF 277Drop inThursday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
HUM 131Drop inMonday8:00am-2:00pmBadjie, Sam
HUM 131Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmBadjie, Sam
HUM 131Drop inWednesday4:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
HUM 131Drop inThursday3:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
HUM 131Drop inMonday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
HUM 131Drop inWednesday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
MAT 030Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 030Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 030Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 030Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 030Drop inTuesday8:00am-9:30amTipton, Megan
MAT 030Drop inFriday10:30am-4:00pmTipton, Megan
MAT 033Drop inMonday8:00am-2:00pmBadjie, Sam
MAT 033Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmBadjie, Sam
MAT 033Drop inWednesday4:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
MAT 033Drop inThursday3:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
MAT 033Drop inMonday12:30pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
MAT 033Drop inWednesday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
MAT 033Drop inThursday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
MAT 033Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 033Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 033Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 033Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 033Drop inMonday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
MAT 033Drop inWednesday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
MAT 039Drop inMonday1:30pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 039Drop inTuesday3:00pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 039Drop inWednesday10:30am-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 039Drop inThursday10:30am-12:30pmBielski, Boe
MAT 039Drop inFriday11:00am-3:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 039Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 039Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 039Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 039Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 039Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 039Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 039Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 039Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 039Drop inMonday3:00pm-5:30pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 039Drop inThursday8am-10:30am & 3pm-6pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 039Drop inFriday3:00pm-5:00pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 039Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
MAT 039Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
MAT 039Drop inMonday8am-11am & 1pm-6pmPayne, Tonya
MAT 039Drop inTuesday4:00pm-6:00pmPayne, Tonya
MAT 039Drop inWednesday8am-11am & 1pm-6pmPayne, Tonya
MAT 039Drop inThursday4:00pm-6:00pmPayne, Tonya
MAT 039Drop inTuesday11:00am-2:00pmRose, Haley
MAT 039Drop inWednesday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
MAT 039Drop inThursday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
MAT 039Drop inTuesday9am-11am & 1pm-3pmStrong, Michael
MAT 039Drop inWednesday1:00pm-3:00pmStrong, Michael
MAT 039Drop inThursday9:00am-11:00amStrong, Michael
MAT 039Drop inTuesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 039Drop inWednesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 039Drop inThursday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 039Drop inTuesday8:00am-9:30amTipton, Megan
MAT 039Drop inFriday10:30am-4:00pmTipton, Megan
MAT 039Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
MAT 039Drop inWednesday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
MAT 039Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmZhu, Yang
MAT 039Drop inTuesday10:00am-4:00pmZhu, Yang
MAT 039Drop inThursday12:00pm-3:00pmZhu, Yang
MAT 040Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 040Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 040Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 040Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 130Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 130Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 130Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 130Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 130Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 130Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 130Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 130Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 130Drop inTuesday8:00am-9:30amTipton, Megan
MAT 130Drop inFriday10:30am-4:00pmTipton, Megan
MAT 130Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
MAT 130Drop inWednesday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
MAT 131Drop inMonday1:30pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 131Drop inTuesday3:00pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 131Drop inWednesday10:30am-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 131Drop inThursday10:30am-12:30pmBielski, Boe
MAT 131Drop inFriday11:00am-3:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 131Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 131Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 131Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 131Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 131Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 131Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 131Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 131Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 131Drop inMonday3:00pm-5:30pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 131Drop inThursday8am-10:30am & 3pm-6pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 131Drop inFriday3:00pm-5:00pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 131Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
MAT 131Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
MAT 131Drop inTuesday11:00am-2:00pmRose, Haley
MAT 131Drop inWednesday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
MAT 131Drop inThursday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
MAT 131Drop inTuesday9am-11am & 1pm-3pmStrong, Michael
MAT 131Drop inWednesday1:00pm-3:00pmStrong, Michael
MAT 131Drop inThursday9:00am-11:00amStrong, Michael
MAT 131Drop inTuesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 131Drop inWednesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 131Drop inThursday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 131Drop inTuesday8:00am-9:30amTipton, Megan
MAT 131Drop inFriday10:30am-4:00pmTipton, Megan
MAT 131Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmZhu, Yang
MAT 131Drop inTuesday10:00am-4:00pmZhu, Yang
MAT 131Drop inThursday12:00pm-3:00pmZhu, Yang
MAT 133Drop inMonday8:00am-2:00pmBadjie, Sam
MAT 133Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmBadjie, Sam
MAT 133Drop inWednesday4:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
MAT 133Drop inThursday3:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
MAT 133Drop inMonday12:30pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
MAT 133Drop inWednesday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
MAT 133Drop inThursday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
MAT 133Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 133Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 133Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 133Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 133Drop inMonday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
MAT 133Drop inWednesday2:00pm-6:00pmMarks, Austin
MAT 139Drop inMonday1:30pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 139Drop inTuesday3:00pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 139Drop inWednesday10:30am-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 139Drop inThursday10:30am-12:30pmBielski, Boe
MAT 139Drop inFriday11:00am-3:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 139Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 139Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 139Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 139Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 139Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 139Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 139Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 139Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 139Drop inMonday3:00pm-5:30pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 139Drop inThursday8am-10:30am & 3pm-6pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 139Drop inFriday3:00pm-5:00pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 139Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
MAT 139Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
MAT 139Drop inTuesday11:00am-2:00pmRose, Haley
MAT 139Drop inWednesday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
MAT 139Drop inThursday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
MAT 139Drop inTuesday9am-11am & 1pm-3pmStrong, Michael
MAT 139Drop inWednesday1:00pm-3:00pmStrong, Michael
MAT 139Drop inThursday9:00am-11:00amStrong, Michael
MAT 139Drop inTuesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 139Drop inWednesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 139Drop inThursday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 139Drop inTuesday8:00am-9:30amTipton, Megan
MAT 139Drop inFriday10:30am-4:00pmTipton, Megan
MAT 139Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
MAT 139Drop inWednesday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
MAT 139Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmZhu, Yang
MAT 139Drop inTuesday10:00am-4:00pmZhu, Yang
MAT 139Drop inThursday12:00pm-3:00pmZhu, Yang
MAT 141Drop inMonday1:30pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 141Drop inTuesday3:00pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 141Drop inWednesday10:30am-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 141Drop inThursday10:30am-12:30pmBielski, Boe
MAT 141Drop inFriday11:00am-3:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 141Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 141Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 141Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 141Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 141Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 141Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 141Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 141Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MAT 141Drop inMonday3:00pm-5:30pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 141Drop inThursday8am-10:30am & 3pm-6pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 141Drop inFriday3:00pm-5:00pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 141Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
MAT 141Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
MAT 141Drop inMonday8am-11am & 1pm-6pmPayne, Tonya
MAT 141Drop inTuesday4:00pm-6:00pmPayne, Tonya
MAT 141Drop inWednesday8am-11am & 1pm-6pmPayne, Tonya
MAT 141Drop inThursday4:00pm-6:00pmPayne, Tonya
MAT 141Drop inTuesday9am-11am & 1pm-3pmStrong, Michael
MAT 141Drop inWednesday1:00pm-3:00pmStrong, Michael
MAT 141Drop inThursday9:00am-11:00amStrong, Michael
MAT 141Drop inTuesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 141Drop inWednesday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 141Drop inThursday11:00am-5:00pmThai, Chi Thi Minh
MAT 141Drop inTuesday8:00am-9:30amTipton, Megan
MAT 141Drop inFriday10:30am-4:00pmTipton, Megan
MAT 141Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
MAT 141Drop inWednesday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
MAT 141Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmZhu, Yang
MAT 141Drop inTuesday10:00am-4:00pmZhu, Yang
MAT 141Drop inThursday12:00pm-3:00pmZhu, Yang
MAT 151Drop inMonday1:30pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 151Drop inTuesday3:00pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 151Drop inWednesday10:30am-6:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 151Drop inThursday10:30am-12:30pmBielski, Boe
MAT 151Drop inFriday11:00am-3:00pmBielski, Boe
MAT 151Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 151Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 151Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 151Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
MAT 151Drop inMonday3:00pm-5:30pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 151Drop inThursday8am-10:30am & 3pm-6pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 151Drop inFriday3:00pm-5:00pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 151Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
MAT 151Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
MAT 151Drop inTuesday9am-11am & 1pm-3pmStrong, Michael
MAT 151Drop inWednesday1:00pm-3:00pmStrong, Michael
MAT 151Drop inThursday9:00am-11:00amStrong, Michael
MAT 151Drop inTuesday8:00am-9:30amTipton, Megan
MAT 151Drop inFriday10:30am-4:00pmTipton, Megan
MAT 151Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
MAT 151Drop inWednesday10:30am-1:30pmWoolsey, Caitlin
MAT 151Drop inMonday10:30am-1:30pmZhu, Yang
MAT 151Drop inTuesday10:00am-4:00pmZhu, Yang
MAT 151Drop inThursday12:00pm-3:00pmZhu, Yang
MAT 154Drop inMonday3:00pm-5:30pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 154Drop inThursday8am-10:30am & 3pm-6pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 154Drop inFriday3:00pm-5:00pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 154Drop inTuesday9am-11am & 1pm-3pmStrong, Michael
MAT 154Drop inWednesday1:00pm-3:00pmStrong, Michael
MAT 154Drop inThursday9:00am-11:00amStrong, Michael
MAT 251Drop inMonday3:00pm-5:30pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 251Drop inThursday8am-10:30am & 3pm-6pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 251Drop inFriday3:00pm-5:00pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 251Drop inTuesday9am-11am & 1pm-3pmStrong, Michael
MAT 251Drop inWednesday1:00pm-3:00pmStrong, Michael
MAT 251Drop inThursday9:00am-11:00amStrong, Michael
MAT 254Drop inMonday3:00pm-5:30pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 254Drop inThursday8am-10:30am & 3pm-6pmHyliard, Zachary
MAT 254Drop inFriday3:00pm-5:00pmHyliard, Zachary
MUS 130Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
MUS 130Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
MUS 130Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
MUS 130Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
MUS 131Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MUS 131Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
MUS 131Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
MUS 131Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
NSC 131Drop inMonday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
NSC 131Drop inWednesday10:00am-1:00pmMinick, Daniel
NSC 131Drop inTuesday11:00am-2:00pmRose, Haley
NSC 131Drop inWednesday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
NSC 131Drop inThursday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
PHL 231Drop inMonday12:30pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
PHL 231Drop inWednesday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
PHL 231Drop inThursday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
PHY 231Drop inTuesday9:00am-1:00pmArshad, Shahzeb
PHY 231Drop inThursday3:00pm-6:00pmArshad, Shahzeb
PHY 231Drop inMonday8:00am-1:00pmDowning, Lillian
PHY 231Drop inTuesday11:00am-3:00pmDowning, Lillian
PHY 231Drop inWednesday8:00am-12:00pmDowning, Lillian
PHY 231Drop inFriday10:00am-5:00pmDowning, Lillian
PHY 251Drop inTuesday9:00am-1:00pmArshad, Shahzeb
PHY 251Drop inThursday3:00pm-6:00pmArshad, Shahzeb
PLS 141Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
PLS 141Drop inThursday8:00am-5:00pmJha, Bikash
PSY 140Drop inMonday8:00am-2:00pmBadjie, Sam
PSY 140Drop inTuesday8:00am-5:00pmBadjie, Sam
PSY 140Drop inWednesday4:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
PSY 140Drop inThursday3:00pm-6:00pmBadjie, Sam
PSY 140Drop inMonday1:30pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
PSY 140Drop inTuesday3:00pm-6:00pmBielski, Boe
PSY 140Drop inWednesday10:30am-6:00pmBielski, Boe
PSY 140Drop inThursday10:30am-12:30pmBielski, Boe
PSY 140Drop inFriday11:00am-3:00pmBielski, Boe
PSY 140Drop inMonday12:30pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
PSY 140Drop inWednesday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
PSY 140Drop inThursday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
PSY 140Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
PSY 140Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
PSY 140Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
PSY 140Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
PSY 140Drop inTuesday11:00am-2:00pmRose, Haley
PSY 140Drop inWednesday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
PSY 140Drop inThursday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
SOC 231Drop inMonday12:30pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
SOC 231Drop inWednesday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
SOC 231Drop inThursday12:00pm-4:00pmDarmos, Olivia
SOC 231Drop inMonday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
SOC 231Drop inWednesday11:00am-1:00pmGrimes, Allison
SOC 231Drop inThursday11:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
SOC 231Drop inFriday10:00am-2:00pmGrimes, Allison
SOC 231Drop inMonday8am-11am & 1pm-6pmPayne, Tonya
SOC 231Drop inTuesday4:00pm-6:00pmPayne, Tonya
SOC 231Drop inWednesday8am-11am & 1pm-6pmPayne, Tonya
SOC 231Drop inThursday4:00pm-6:00pmPayne, Tonya
SOC 231Drop inTuesday11:00am-2:00pmRose, Haley
SOC 231Drop inWednesday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
SOC 231Drop inThursday11:00am-12:30pmRose, Haley
SPNDrop inTuesday9:00am-11:00amDiaz, Pablo
SPNDrop inFriday10:00pm-2:00pmDiaz, Pablo
SPNDrop inThursday8:00am-1:00pmFaculty

Central Campus

Tutor Center Hours

  • Monday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Thursday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Friday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Other Tutoring Locations

Make tutoring work for you!

Come prepared
Bring your textbook, notes, and assignment sheets with you. Read your assignments and do your best to work through your homework problems before your tutoring session.

Attend classes regularly
Tutoring is designed to supplement class instruction, not to replace it.

Do not ask tutors to do your work
This includes homework, proof-read your assignment, or assist in any way with take-home exams. Tutors can help clarify assignments and identify skills needed to complete assignments. They can give you extra problems and examples like the ones your having trouble with and help you learn to solve them.

Understand that student tutors are not teachers
Teaching provides students with new information; tutoring helps the students master that information by providing alternate explanations, techniques and examples.

Use tutoring services early & often
You will benefit more from tutoring if you come when you first begin having problems. If you wait until the last minute, you may not be able to master the material in time to succeed on tests and assignments.

Do not expect tutors to know everything
Remember that tutors are students like you who have mastered specific course content with a specific instructor. They are not expected to have the level of experience of your professor.

Ask questions as they arise
If you remain silent, the tutor may assume you understand. Tutors have learned many ways to explain a single concept, so continue to ask questions until the material is clear for you.

Sign in at the front desk
Doing this helps us maintain funding to continue to provide these services free of charge.

Math Lab

Math can be a challenging subject for many of us, especially if we do not use math on a regular basis. The good news is, with consistent practice, mathematics can become your friend. Visit the Math Lab in the Center for Student Success during our regular hours to meet with one of our knowledgeable math tutors.


Writing Center

Writing assistance is available in the Center for Student Success. The center is staffed with trained professionals, with knowledge and experience in written communication. When faculty are not available, students will be referred to the Writing Fellows, who meet with students in William Atkinson Hall breakout rooms.

What you can expect:

  • Active involvement in answering questions covering all parts of the writing process.
  • Reading your paper out loud to catch mistakes.
  • Working with CSS professionals on activities such as prewriting, outlining and organizing ideas.
  • Providing primary faculty/instructor’s materials for the assignment that you are working on. This assures you are guided toward the primary requirements as outlined by your instructor.
  • Advance preparation by visiting CSS with enough time to work with a CSS instructor prior to your due date.

Please understand:

  • Our professionals cannot correct your work. Instead, we teach proofreading strategies.
  • We cannot predict grades or the success of an assignment.
  • We cannot rewrite or retype student papers. Instructors are assured that a paper is not co-authored by a consultant.
  • While we counsel on plagiarism and proper citations, we do not accept responsibility if a paper is submitted with plagiarized text.


We assist students in understanding what they read in textbooks, articles and homework assignments. We aim to teach strategies to increase read comprehension.


We offer ideas for taking notes, preparing for tests, and tips on organizing study time.


Every student has a different approach to learning, and there are methods to accommodate these approaches. We will help you to identify your preferred learning style and provide strategies best utilize.

Become a Tutor

Eligibility requirements

  • Must be currently enrolled at Jackson College in six or more credits.
  • Have earned a 3.5 or better in the course you wish to tutor.
  • If you are currently enrolled in a course you would like to tutor, your instructor must recommend you by contacting the Center.
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

If you meet eligibility requirements and are interested in becoming a tutor, please fill a student tutor application by clicking here. Once your application is complete, contact CSS at 517.796.8415 or stop by Bert Walker Hall, room 138.

Timesheet deadlines

Timesheets are due by noon on the due dates listed (Saturday). Failure to turn in times sheets by the posted deadline will result in delayed payment. In rare instances, timesheets will be accepted at other times and will be communicated to you by the CSS coordinator. Time must also be entered electronically via e-Services.

Tutor certification program

The Center for Student Success is currently in Level I certification! We are very excited about this and encourage all tutors to strive for certification!

Important facts about tutoring certification:

  • Sponsored by the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA), an international tutor certification organization that sets a standard of skills and training for tutors and provides recognition and reinforcement for tutors’ successful work.
  • Certifies programs at three levels
  • Requires 10 hours of training and 25 hours of tutoring experience for each certification level
  • Provides professional standards for tutor training
  • Rewards tutors
  • Establishes credibility for tutoring programs
  • Is endorsed by the National Association for Developmental Education and Commission XVI, Academic Support in Higher Education, of the American College Personnel Association